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  • How to Still Live Your Best Life in Self-Isolation

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Self-isolation due to COVID-19 can be scary and challenging. While self-isolation is best if you’re not an essential worker, you may find it difficult to stay in your home when you’re accustomed to social interaction and participate in activities that make you feel like your best self. Here are some practical ways you can continue to live your best life while you stay safe in self-isolation.

Maintain Your Relationships

It’s important that you maintain your valuable relationships even when you’re not able to see people in person. If you have a significant other who doesn’t live with you, schedule video calls so you can talk about your day and continue to have meaningful conversations. You can even send electronic love notes to each other via text or email. Check on your family through social media and video calls; share photos with each other so you can see how your relatives are growing.

You can also maintain your professional relationships by sending out emails to check on projects and future work. This keeps the lines of communication open and may help you secure remote work opportunities or make it easier for employers to keep you in mind after self-isolation has ended.

Manage Anxiety and Depression

When you’re deprived of human contact for long periods of time, you can become anxious and depressed — especially if you already struggle with anxiety and depression. Be sure you’re speaking with your therapist or physician regularly so you can refill your medications and receive helpful tips for staying in a healthy state of mind. If you don’t already have a therapist, you can search online for a therapist who will meet with you online to assess your mental state and offer effective suggestions. You can also manage depression and anxiety by listening to music, reading your favorite books, or continuing to communicate with those you love.

Improve Your Look

Self-isolation is a great time to improve your overall look. Experiment with new makeup colors, give yourself a manicure or pedicure, or watch a tutorial for trimming your ends or adding temporary color to your hair. Since you’re not going to work, school or social gatherings, you can always change your makeup or hairstyle if you don’t like it. You can also order beauty treatments and skincare items online so you can look your best once you’re able to be in social settings again.

Look Forward to the Day

Start each day with a sense of positivity and purpose. Whether you repeat affirmations to yourself, read daily horoscopes, or spend time in silent meditation, do something to prepare your mind and body for the day. You may even want to prepare your outfit the night before. Even if you’re staying home, you’ll be more motivated to complete work or school projects if you resolve that you’re going to be productive every day.

Remove Clutter

Self-isolation is a great time to deep-clean your home. Go into your closet and pantries and remove anything you no longer use. This can reduce stress and make you more comfortable while you’re spending extended amounts of time at home. Sort through old clothing and decide what you’d like to give away and what needs to be discarded. You may also want to order certain items that can update the look of your space, such as new bedding or an area rug, to create more visual interest in your home.

Concentrate On Your Physical Health

Now that you have more time at home, you can start focusing on your physical health. There are several workout routines you can access online to help you improve muscle tone and physical strength. You can also work out to increase your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. Pay special attention to your diet during this time as well. Choose healthy snacks in between meals, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, roasted nuts, and whole-grain chips and crackers. You can also try new recipes to help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, manage your blood pressure, or get rid of unwanted pounds. The more you practice healthy habits during self-isolation, the more likely you are to continue with these lifestyle changes once you’re able to go in public again.

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