• How a Gojek Clone Will Help You Stay Successful in This Lockdown Period

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Presently, amid the Coronavirus pandemic that has brought the world to a standstill, people are thinking of an effective way to get all their services accomplished. Despite the big crisis looming, there is a need for essential yet useful services to be carried out. The solution is no doubt on-demand delivery apps which take care of all services in this quarantine time. This is the best opportunity for entrepreneurs where they can develop such a mobile app or get in touch with a company that provides Gojek clones.

Now let us speak on how this pandemic is stimulating on-demand apps-

  • People are stuck inside their homes on the lookout for effective services like groceries.
  • Since people are afraid to leave their homes, delivery apps and Gojek clones act as their saviours.
  • Eateries are transfiguring into delivery outlets where people can order food online.
  • Delivery apps are also a haven when it comes to purchasing groceries.

Thus, it is clear that such on-demand delivery apps and Gojek clones as aforementioned are saviours in these tough times.

So, what are the strategies that these on-demand delivery apps observe?

  • Embracing the notion of ’contactless’ deliveries:

This type of delivery doesn’t lead to any physical contact between the delivery personnel and the user base as everything is delivered at a confined place in the homes.

  • Reinforcing the network:

These on-demand delivery apps are developed on several essential supply chains that comprise the likes of app sites, service providers and the delivery personnel as well. All these providers are susceptible to disruption. Thereby care must be taken to reinforce the network to yield better pay-offs in this pandemic time.

  • Supplying with an emergency care kit:

People who use the app can add an emergency care kit to their carts. It contains valuable medical things like masks, sanitizers and the such. The apps can thereby get a more significant user base with this smart yet useful strategy.

  • Recruiting delivery personnel based on the Gig economy:

Food Delivery personnel are very vital to the food delivery network, and due to the ever-rising demand, there is a need for such platforms to hire delivery personnel. To play it smart do the hiring based on the adaptable gig economy.

Now, how do these brave delivery professionals protect themselves from the hazards of infection?

Such personnel must gear themselves up with protective measures like safety masks and gloves. They must also be educated about the vital aspects of hygiene and other sanitation procedures. Using an alcohol sanitizer every 4 hours will prove useful in this quarantine period. Furthermore, all the food packages must be sealed with an outer bag, thereby preventing contact during transits and ultimately preventing infection as well.

Carrying out multiple deliveries with a single app

An all-encompassing multi delivery app like a Gojek clone app can take care of everything, be it Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery and even Medicine Delivery during this time of crisis. The lockdown is going to stay for a while, and it is better to venture into this present scenario and profit with a Gojek clone app.

Conclusion: A Gojek clone can serve to be effective and time saving under the present conditions in terms of safe yet quality oriented on-demand services. When it comes to building your on-demand delivery app or a Gojek clone, you can always approach us at Uberdoo.

Prawin Chandru

By Prawin Chandru
who is the co-founder of Uberdoo, which is a leading Canadian company specializing in the development of Gojek clones and other clone products. It has built a reputation when it comes to the development of on-demand delivery apps.

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