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  • Make Your Bride Look Super Cute With Family Heirloom Jewelry

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One of the greatest desires for a man is to find the right partner. And the next best thing is to impress her lady with a gorgeous engagement ring. It can be quite intriguing to find a unique piece of jewelry that suits her. But it can become critical if you have not noticed her jewelry collections or seen her wear any ring on her finger. Did you ever think of the family heirloom jewelry your grandma left you? It might not be as modern, but it might be the best gift for your bride since it has sentimental value. However, repurposing will make it look brand new.

Tips on how to repurpose your heirloom for proposal

Before you embark on this mission, it’s crucial first to seek permission from your family. Then talk to your partner and ask her how she feels about it, that is, if you eliminate the element of surprising her. Then set expectations of what you want to achieve after resetting or restyling.

Share your expectation

Let your family know what changes you are planning to make to your heirloom. It could be something unacceptable that can ruin or affect the history of the ring. If your opinion does not thrill them, then you will have to change your idea.

Another notable person you ought to discuss your expected outcome is your fiancée. But if you wish to check her jewelry collections to figure out her taste, you can do so. Most ladies share their desired ring style with their BFF, find one and conspire to ensure she doesn’t know what you are planning. However, you can work together with your partner and share her suggestions on redesigning the heirloom.

Get an appraisal document

After you get a go-ahead from your family, maybe you don’t know your asset’s value. Prices of metal and precious gems keep changing. Valuable jewelry collections should get appraised every two years, according to an insurance company. If the jewelry has a cover, when was the last time it got appraised? Please ensure that you obtain an updated jewelry appraisal to know your heirloom’s current value before you restyle it.

Before a jeweler evaluates your piece of jewelry, he will first clean it professionally. And while at it, he will check if there’s any loose stone, cracked, or damage. If it’s an antique, finding a specific appraiser with experience to appraise it. Otherwise, you might not get the actual value of your jewelry.

Resetting stone

Any heirloom with a precious stone, no matter how it sits, should be quite valuable. But you can get the gem to reset to look more appealing. Start looking for designs that resonate with your style or what your partner likes. Then you can select a designer with good reviews, or through references from happy clients.

Ask if it’s possible to reset the jewelry to its original setting if it has a good value. And if there is a chance of losing its weight after redesigning, you should reconsider resetting it.

What’s the history of the ring?

Every heirloom you have in your jewelry collections has a story. Do you know about the history of your inheritance? If you don’t know, it’s time to get the facts before you give them away. Learn something from your family that you are going to share with your fiancée. That is what makes the ring special and unique. Every other generation that follows will love to know about the sentimental value of your family inheritance.

Ring resizing

If everyone is okay with leaving the ring the way it is, including the wearer, that’s fine. However, it might be necessary to get the perfect fitting. Wearing a tight ring will be uncomfortable, while having it loose is risky. Get it resized to fit the ideal finger for your partner. It is a straightforward process that can result in a clean aesthetic if done by a reputable jeweler.

Change the form of metal

Most heirlooms are either gold or silver, which might be a bit cliché to the millennials. One can change the ring band to a color of their choice, but it should be valuable to equate the heirloom. The trendiest color is a rose-gold, which most people are likely to have in their jewelry collections. The shade looks lovely with a diamond stone. Although it will have a new face, it still carries the family history.

Add more gems

A ring with a single stone has a significant difference from one with three stones. Right? That also will make the engagement ring or wedding ring look enchanting. Maybe you can add a birthstone of yourself and your partner while maintaining the original gem. Did you know that most three-stone engagement rings have some significant meaning? The most common is each stone representing a different time in your relationship with your partner. That could mean the past, present, and future.

In conclusion, it is quite thrilling to discover the origin of a ring given by your partner for an engagement or wedding. Now you become part of that beautiful history. The bridegroom can reset an heirloom before giving it to his bride into a contemporary design. However, it’s crucial to maintain the sentimental feel as you add this precious gem to your jewelry collections.

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