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Paddlewheel flowmeters have three parts- the paddlewheel sensor, the pipe fitting, and the display or flow controller. The paddlewheel sensor consists of a quickly turning wheel or impeller with embedded magnets proportion to the flow and will turn when included in the fluid medium. If you need standard flow metering accuracy, then this flow meter is for you. It is a good option where the cost is given an advantage. Do you wish to know the importance of a paddle switch? Well, this guide has got you included. These are some of the primary points about the paddlewheel flow sensor.

Principle of Paddle Wheel Flow Meters

As the magnets in the blades turn behind the sensor, the paddlewheel meter produces a frequency and voltage signal equal to the flow rate—the faster the flow, the greater the frequency and the voltage output. The paddle wheel meter is meant to be entered into a pipe fitting, either inline or addition style. These are available with a wide range of fittings styles, connection methods, and materials such as polypropylene and stainless steel. Like turbine meters, the paddlewheel meter needs the least run of straight pipe before and after the sensor.

Flow shows and controllers are used to get the paddle wheel meter signal and turn it into a real flow rate or total flow values. The treated signal can manage the process, create an alarm, send alerts to external etc.

Paddlewheel flowmeters, named Pelton wheel sensors, give an almost economical, high skill option for many flow system uses, typically with water or water-like fluids.

Paddle Wheel Flow Meter Advantages

  • Economical solution with high flow system accuracy
  • Easy to fit and work, resulting in a low cost of buying
  • No pressure drop making it perfect for gravity flows
  • Insert flowmeter design lowers installation and keeping costs

Cost of Precision

If you wish for greater accuracy, be ready to pay good cash. Paddle sensors have superior skills when related to other meters. They come with many high-tech designs to ensure you get the wanted outcomes. But, despite the excellent accuracy read by this device, the fixing variables can affect its working.

Paddlewheel sensors have gone upon the measures that the cost of accuracy has to be high. They are very affordable and have good accuracy in many industries. Also, with superior technology, you get an accuracy range.

Easy to Install

You can install a paddle sensor in many ways, like upward and parallel. That’s done with the flow in either way, which does not change the sensor’s working. These meters can be full with a sensor, inline, and digital layout made into a tube system. But, with an actual large pipe, you can buy one with hack mount pipe fitting.

They are Handy

These devices are popular, and they are worth spending. They work well with viscous fluids as long as there is a fully grown turbulent flow profile. This meter’s most vital merit is that changes in fluid’s particular gravity cannot change it. There is no need for proper readings. People like using the paddlewheel flow sensor since it can have a slight readout. It can allow the panel to fix the readout to be fixed in the set area. The real sensor fixed in the right place, and the digital image can be remotely placed in the aspired state.


A paddle turns at a speed that is the same as that of the flow rate. It gives the paddle and axle-wear out fast. Did you know that meters run at the high end tend to use more than units run at the low end? As fluids have altered features, making them hard to view the life span of these parts.

If you are using your paddle switch with clean fluids, you may space out the keeping frequency. But if your juice has particles or dirt, you will need routine servicing. It is alike if the fluid has some eroding features.

The need for regular maintenance should not make you avoid using the flow meter. Check the other advantages.

Common uses for paddlewheel flow meters include:

  • The accurate analysis of preset fluid volumes in managing systems.
  • Key of chemical metering pump output.
  • Flow confirmation.
  • Irrigation systems.
  • Informing users to flow rate rises or drops outside a planned range.

Insert Paddlewheel flow meters based on paddlewheel turning frequency range that delivers economically smart technology and service—the best option against Mechanical most water meters. Fields of purpose include fresh, raw, hot water flow metering, Water treatment systems, remote or mobile treatment, disposal systems, irrigation systems, filtration systems, commercial pools, and spas, correcting many other flow monitoring.


A paddlewheel flow sensor is sincere about rising. It can measure flow in either way and serve the desired work of measuring flow. There are various vital points about a paddle switch, but the above ones are essential points. You can look for other details in case you need more information. We are always ready to provide our valuable services to our clients. We assure you of the best products and reliability.

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