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  • Creatively Customized Lipstick Box Packaging Attract Female Customers

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Girls are very obsessed with makeup. They will buy cosmetic products by ignoring other things in retail stores because they want to increase their glamor. So, to make girls lured to your branded makeup, you should go for packaging that follows the latest packaging trends. The most purchased item in cosmetics is lipstick. Try to give your products an attractive look with customized lipstick box packaging.

These custom lipstick boxes are already enticing, but you can make them more by adding more customization features. After choosing durable material, design or style, you can choose other options. For example, foilings, coatings, ribbon embellishments, window patching and gift cards to make your customers happy.

Let’s take a look at the features which make lipstick packaging boxes enhance the appearance of your products. And they attract females to boost your sales.

Eye-Captivating Colors Attract Womens

Colors influence peoples’ minds. For this reason, lipstick manufacturers should pay more attention to color selection for their products’ packaging. Colors are the only reason they allure females to have branded lipstick or lipgloss items.

A Pro tip while selecting colors for customized lipstick box packaging is to select them according to the product. There are a variety of lip colors such as matte, soft and shiny. So, create your packaging in a way that people understand which product is present inside the box.

For matte lipstick packaging, you should go for dark colors and shiny or soft colors; choose light colors. Use dark colors like purple, brown, blue, yellow, shocking pink, black and golden. Moreover, light color options are skin, baby pink and white.

After selecting colors choose the font color that is also important. If the font color does not suit the packaging background, it will look terrific. In this way, your brand will not stand out in the market.

Font Size And Colors Also Matters In Grabbing Attention

After selecting the main packaging colors, select the font style or color that fits perfectly within the background. If both are unmatchable, customers will not like your products and will go for other brands’ products.

For example, you can use the gold or silver font color for black packaging. Moreover, for sky blue color packaging, you can choose the white and pink color font. So, it’s totally up to you; you can select any font color for custom lipstick packaging. But if you feel any queries, you can ask for the help of custom packaging designers.

So, to maintain your customers, choose everything of packaging in the right way. Nowadays, people notice everything because they get modern with time. They want to learn which product they use for their beauty and what ingredients it has.

Lipstick packaging boxes should have all the information related to the product. So, to make it readable, select the right font style then it becomes communicative for buyers. The different font styles are:

  • Sans serif fonts
  • Raleway font
  • Rajdhani font
  • Lumberjack style font
  • Vagtur font
  • Rock well font
  • Yume font style
  • Museo font
  • Rex bold font
  • Philosopher font
  • Nanami font
  • Onyx font
  • Bauer Bodoni font
  • Ampersand font
  • Hypnotica font
  • Blacksword font
  • Black to-black font
  • Mark my words font
  • Lobster font

As you can see, various eye-captivating font style options are available. So, you can select any of them for your custom boxes or custom lipstick boxes—allure females to your customizable boxes with these lavishing font styles.

glossy lipstick shades

Glossy Lipstick Shades

They Assure Product Safety

Durability is the most important feature of customized lipstick boxes, making them very famous in the market. The sturdy and robust custom boxes protect your products from damage.

The custom cosmetic boxes assure complete product safety from external environmental factors such as:

  • Severe climatic conditions
  • During Shipping
  • From exotic forces
  • Bumps
  • Breakage
  • Dirt

So, give your products complete protection with customized lipstick boxes because they consist of durable materials, which are:

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid

Kraft is an eco-friendly material, providing complete safety to the environment from pollution. Kraft packaging boxes with a light color design give an attractive feeling to buyers. They allure customers to have your lipstick items.

Another packaging material, cardboard, is also famous for creating custom cosmetic boxes or custom lipstick packaging boxes. It consists of great thickness, which assures complete product safety. Moreover, it comes up with many customization options to give a high pitch to your sales.

You can select rigid and corrugated packaging boxes for your products for shipping purposes. If you need more guidance on the best way to create custom packaging lipstick boxes, you can connect with us.

Metallic Tones And Foiling Allure Females

Metallic tones and foilings have great power to allure females to your products. It looks incredible when you use shiny silver or golden packaging for your customized lipstick boxes. In addition, to give your lipstick boxes an immense look, you can also go for foilings. The options in foilings are:

  • Rose gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Gunmetal
  • Soft pink
  • Bronze
  • Gold

So, it’s totally up to you what you want for your lipstick boxes and to give your products high visibility. As a result, boost your sales by attracting females and making your brand famous.

End Up Discussion

First, choose the best custom packaging company like CBM in the USA for your custom-printed lipstick boxes. You can easily get your customized lipstick box packaging for your products with various customization options. For example, the various options are foilings, design, colors and fonts according to your choice for wholesale lipstick boxes.

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