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  • 5 Major Qualities of Mailer Boxes that Make them an Ideal eCommerce Packaging

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  • Published Date: November 6, 2020
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During this time of the pandemic, a large part of the retail industry has shifted to eCommerce platforms. Because of the worldwide implemented rules and regulations of not leaving the house, people were depending a lot on the online sources for shopping. In the areas with a strict curfew, the online sources were the only way of getting your daily supplies.

Due to the convenience of getting whatever you need delivered at your home, people have embraced the concept of online shopping with all the enthusiasm in the world. The idea of not having to move even an inch from your couch and getting everything you need at your doorstep is appealing on its own. Now because of the recent situation, it was widely promoted around the world.

A major plus of online shopping is that you only need a wifi connection and an internet device. As for the payment, you can go with either cash on delivery or online payment, whatever suits.

Because of the convenience of having all the things you need at your home in minimal delivery time, people’s shift from traditional shopping to online sources seems inevitable. Therefore, it is best for all retail businesses to use online platforms to their advantage. They can display their products on their own websites as well as on big eCommerce names.

As the products you buy through online platforms come from long distances, the retailers will need suitable packaging for such usage. There are many types of shipping-friendly packaging boxes you can get from the market, but mailer boxes are some of the best available options. These boxes have many qualities that make them a great option for eCommerce.

Mailer Boxes – A packaging with many qualities

Mailers have got their name from their delivery-friendly nature. These boxes are a complete package of all the qualities we expect in good packaging. Following are the five major qualities that make these boxes a great option for your eCommerce friendly packaging:


Products on eCommerce stores come from around the world. A customer may order a product from a retailer from one block to seven seas away. So, the boxes have to be such that they keep the product safe from damage.

What you need is a durable and sturdy packaging that can endure all the jerks, hits, and all other types of beating yet keep your product safe from damage. If your packaging lacks these qualities, your product and the reputation of your brand are at a major risk.

The thing with online packaging is that the customers always see the reviews. So, an angry customer can be fatal for expected sales. That’s why never compromise on the durability aspect of the packaging.

Mailers are durable, and hence they provide great safety to the product inside. Therefore, if you are using these boxes already, you are doing the right thing. In case if you are not using them, there is always time to shift to mailers.

Convenience of Packaging

If your packaging is a lot of hassle to set up, you are making a mistake as the more time it takes you to pack a product, the higher the expense of packaging. It may not seem a lot, but once you are getting more business, you will know about your mistake as the time and cost of packaging rise.

Therefore, it is best for you to get the packaging that takes lesser time in setting up. One such type of packaging boxes is the mailers. With these boxes, you can save time on packaging and focus more on your business.

Versatile Nature

When your brand is selling multiple products at the same time, having a separate packaging for every product can be confusing and a ton of hassle. So, the better thing you can do is to have versatile packaging that fits multiple products. Wondering what boxes are the ones with this quality? My favorite mailer boxes.


A good presentation is always a nice addition to a product. It makes the experience even better and makes your product special. Apart from making the customers happy, you can also benefit in terms of business as customers love it when they are something extra. The compact design of mailer boxes looks very presentable and appealing.


To get the most of every aspect of the packaging, it is better to have your packaging customized. A custom packaging gets you all the design and presentation options. You can select from the material of the packaging to the printing and finishing. Thus, you can have all the qualities you want in your custom mailer boxes. For more details visit:

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