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Thanks to eCommerce stores, people can now buy things from anywhere around the world. And today it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a high-quality eCommerce platform is essential for virtually every business.

Customers that buy online want to have a shopping experience that is quick, convenient, and affordable. This means if you are running an online store you want to make sure that your web-based storefront is equipped with all the essential features expected by your customers.

Here are five features that customers expect from an eCommerce store.

1. Payment Options

Customers prefer different types of payment options, since it helps them choose a type of payment means they are more comfortable with.

On the other hand, as a merchant, flexible payment options means that you get the opportunity to bring in more customers to your online store. Whether it’s allowing customers to pay through debit cards instead of just letting them pay through credit cards or even allowing them to pay through Bitcoins will increase their payment options.

When customers find a variety of payment options they get a flexible shopping experience. And for you, giving flexibility in payment options can help growth in the long run.

2. Outstanding Imagery

In an eCommerce site, customers expect the products to be displayed in high-quality imagery. In fact, the products images in an eCommerce store are your shop window. These images have the power to influence their purchase decision and attract customers.

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Customers want the product images to be well-defined and free of defects. They expect no blurriness, poor resolution or excessive compression. Though it often turns out to be time-consuming to prepare such high-quality images, however, it’s necessary if you want to attract potential customers.

3. Product Reviews

Online customers are looking for maximum value in the products they are purchasing. They want to take a look at the peer reviews before finalizing their purchase decisions.

Retailers must let customers review products every time they make a purchase from their website. Meantime they can take advantage of their positive reviews as they convey trust towards the products they are selling.

All-in-all, it’s a must-have feature to include in your eCommerce site, as according to a research around 60% of customers are more likely to purchase items from a store that shows product ratings and reviews.

4. Live Chat

One of the reasons many customers avoid buying online is the inability to touch and try items they like to buy. And not being able to ask for help to a store assistant is another reason they prefer a brick-and-mortar store. They expect to know more about the product they are purchasing online and that is why they want answers to their specific questions.

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Having a live chat option is handy. Answering customer questions in real time can allow them to know more about the product they are purchasing, meanwhile, it can to reduce abandonment and make you more competitive.

5. Delivery Time and Fees

Customers are always concerned about the time it takes to get their products delivered by an online store. They want the store to let them know the expected delivery time, especially if they are buying from an overseas location. Also, they expect the stores to mention the shipping fees in advance so they are aware of the extra cost they need to pay for the product to reach them.

Giving information on both of these aspects will help your eCommerce store to build trust and develop a wide customer base. Something often talked about by experienced business industry writers working at the premium essay writing service UK.

Kirsten Pike

By Kirsten Pike
who is residing in London.


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