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The perfect wedding is the dream of everyone. People have high plans whenever it’s about their wedding. There is a lot of shopping during the wedding season. In weddings and marriages, the jewelry of the bride is of supreme importance. The bride and her family make sure to buy the jewelry first and everything else later on. One gets a fair idea of the significance of jewelry in the wedding season. Everyone’s eyes are set on the bride’s attire and jewelry in the wedding. Owing to the status symbol these days, most people go for diamond jewelry. The wide variety of jewelry available these days has made it difficult for people to make a selection. When going out to buy jewelry for any occasion, one should not be too ignorant of the price and the other things related to jewelry. Now things have turned easy with a diamond cut calculator. Consequently, we have prepared this article to be aware of the qualities and other things related to diamond jewelry. Let’s learn a few essential things about diamonds before investing.

Important factors in diamond

Buying diamonds is a costly affair, and it should not be taken casually by the client. Fraudulent practices have increased worldwide. Consequently, the purchaser should check everything before buying diamonds, like whether it’s real or fake. The most critical factors in diamonds are 4cs: cut, clarity, carat, and cut. All these factors have their significance, but the most important among them is the diamond cut. Diamond cut is described as how the diamond gets cut during its manufacturing. How the diamond will look will be decided by its cut. The other aspects of a diamond are technical, and consequently, it is nearly impossible to identify those. But the cut is the simple one. It can easily be determined by the person, whether it is proper or not.

Diamond cut

diamond cuts

Diamond Cuts

In previous times, there were limited diamond cuts. But now, as the jewelry industry has progressed, the types of diamond cuts have increased. There is a round cut diamond, which is regarded as brilliant among all the diamonds. Then there is a shallow, deep and ideal cut diamond. The diamond is considered a perfect cut when the light reflects from the top of a diamond. There are also fancy cut diamonds like emerald, marquise, pear, oval, and many more. The price of a diamond gets decided by the cut of a diamond. In determining the diamond cut, the dimensions of the diamond also play a pivot role. A diamond’s dimensions include table, crown, girdle, diameter, pavilion, culet, and depth.

Ways to select an ideal diamond



Everyone wants to have the worth of his money. People want to have affordable diamond jewelry. In diamond jewelry also, a wide variety is available these days. Consequently, making it difficult for people to pick one among them. But a few things should be kept in mind while choosing an ideal diamond for your loved ones.

Shape- The very first thing to decide about diamonds is the shape of the diamond. There are numerous kinds of diamond shapes like round, cushion, oval, and a lot more. Before shopping for diamond jewelry, its shape should be decided. Usually, round shaped diamonds are more popular as compared to others.

Weight- Secondly, you should ponder over its weight. How much carat diamond you require should be decided in prior only. One can choose the carat weight according to one’s budget. If one has a high budget, then consequently one can opt for more carat weight.

Cut- The third thing is the diamond cut. The diamond-cut directly affects a diamond’s brilliance, so it is advised to choose the diamond cut wisely. One should take proper time to decide over its cut quality as it should not be compromised. One should only go for ideal cut diamonds as one is paying the price for the same.

Color- The person should decide the color range of the diamond. Most people prefer white diamonds over colored diamonds as they are popular. The cost of white diamonds is also high.

Clarity- Next, it is the clarity of the diamond, which should be thought of. Clarity means that the diamond should be free of blemishes and scratches. A person should make sure that the diamond does not have any scratches on it. It will lose its value.

Stone- Before shopping for the diamond, the stone should be checked. Different types of stones are available. To select the best one, compare different stones with each other and then make a decision.

Certified- Its certification also plays a vital role in the quality of the diamond. Before buying the diamond, verify its certificate. One should only buy the diamond if it is GIA certified. You can also check its price and related things with a diamond cut calculator.


The person should take note of all these steps before buying the diamond jewelry. There should be no risk, and everything should be verified and checked. For the best diamond jewelry, one can visit Alex and company.

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