different types of bollards and their uses
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Suppose you are unaware of what bollards are. In that case, they are a short, vertical post used to safeguard or mention the ‘perimeter’ or ‘boundary’ of a building or store. They are posts surrounding retail stores, parking lots, and other areas to provide safety and security. These vertical posts called ‘bollards’ are used to keep you, your store, or building protected.

If you are thinking of buying bollards and installing them near your store or building, you can easily find bollards in Melbourne. They are used to control road traffic and regulate exits and entrances to a particular area.

There are many benefits to using bollards. They play a crucial role in managing traffic. Traffic diversions, road closures, and test channeling all need bollards. They keep you safe from damage caused by vehicles. If there is a building that is more vulnerable to injury from a car, it should have bollards installed, and this will prevent it from intentional and unintentional damage from automobiles.

Bollards also help from over-crowding on sides of footpaths and sidewalks. Usually, cars mount the curb and park next to pathways when there is no space in a high-traffic area. If bollards are installed here, the issue would be resolved. Cars that attempt to enter over-crowded parking lots can cause damage to buildings or gardens outside these buildings.

Suppose the traffic signals aren’t entirely useful, and the street corners are crowded. In that case, crosswalks can lead to all kinds of problems for pedestrians. Bollards can help in this regard if they are installed in areas with pedestrians and vehicular traffic. This will prevent pedestrians from being hurt by any vehicle.

Suppose you own land, and next to you is a commercial area, or an area with a lot of markets and shops. In that case, you will often notice cars parked outside of your land. You might also have to compromise your privacy and experienced trespassing into personal areas. If you are facing this issue, then opt for bollards. They will ensure that the public knows about the specific location, privately owned commercial or residential property.

They can also provide you with beauty. Not all bollards are steel barriers, and some are made solely to complement the style of a building or store. They can be aesthetic and are sometimes used by owners to make their storefront stand out.

Types of Bollards

There are different kinds of bollards. These are:

– Plastic bollards

These bollards are used on construction sites and are used to make people aware that there is construction work going on at particular premises.

– Pedestrian bollards

As the name suggests, they are used to contain a park or playground. This allows easy entry into the area and prevents cars from blocking access and causing incidents.

– Cast iron bollards

These are used as standalone applications.

– Ram-raid bollards

For store owners, they must make their store as secure as they possibly can. Ram-raid bollards prevent burglaries that occur due to ram-raiding. If you don’t know what ‘ram-raiding’ is, it is an incident where a shop is broken into using a vehicle and then looted.

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