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A promise to love her forever – how does one shape it? How to find words that reflect the very nature of your relationship and select a setting that speaks volumes? Ultimately, what is the best way to propose to a woman?

In modern society, asking for a hand over a dinner table is considered outdated and corny. As a result, many people draw their inspiration from the worldwide web. We assure you the ideal variant is there but finding it may take some time. That’s our cue to jump in. We present you with an original proposals list, drawn up by brilliant minds of the Style Vanity blog.

Before we start, mind that every couple is different, and what is a winning deal for one can be a losing bet for the other. For instance, a woman who’s into sports is likely to appreciate the NBA game proposal, while a woman who‘s into gardening will cringe just at the thought. We are confident you’ll do great as long as you account for your partner’s individuality and calculate your timing properly.

Discuss your vision of the shared future beforehand. See where your honey stands on the whole family thing so that when the opportunity arises, you won’t get an awkward ‘’no.’’ Plus, knowing your beloved’s position will take some pressure off – no stammers, no sweaty palms, no slipping of the ring.

We understand that some people want to go above and beyond with their proposal, while others prefer to keep it sweet and simple. Therefore, we’ve divided the ideas into two groups. Scroll down and see if there is a script matching your expectations.

Grand Proposal

The grand proposal typically requires extra effort, public participation, and a considerate investment. You’d have to devise a strategy in advance and make the necessary arrangements with personnel, artists, friends, etc. But this tremendous work is worth it. An all-in approach will take her breath away and make you the most desirable man in our Galaxy!

At Home

Starry Ceiling

Ask her friends to take her out for a day. While she’s gone, adorn the roof in your bedroom with dark-star stickers spelling out the coveted words, prepare a candlelight dinner and turn the lamps off. Once your partner arrives, put a blindfold on her eyes. Lead her to the room and untie to amaze with a glowing composition.

Sentimental Drive

Does your future missus listen to the radio? If yes, order a song on her favourite station and have them play it during your ride for a weekend trip. You may even compose music yourself, as many studios offer such features. A one-of-a-kind melody with lyrics will undoubtedly deliver the message.

And Then He Wrote…

Bring her breakfast in bed, make a smiley face on pancakes, or cut a heart out of an omelette (anything playful would do). A delicious treat would put her in a good mood, allowing you to make a move. Tell her that you’ve been working on something and give her a customised book. After she finishes the last line and lifts her eyes to you, get down on your knee and pull out the sparkling diamond. There are many shops where you can order a personalised book that tells your story. It could be a narrative of how your relationship developed or a compilation of funny, touching moments – the sky’s the limit. Pop a question like this if your special one favours a warm homely atmosphere and cute gestures.

Room with Memories.

Ask friends to keep your fiancée busy while you organise the basics. Print out photos and hang them to recreate your romance. To take it up a notch, tie the pictures and little love notes to a velvet ribbon running from one end of your house to the other and put some symbolic objects around the room. The memory lane would be even better with music, so pick out the songs you both love.


Dancing Flash mob

If your bride-to-be is an outdoorsy friendly person who enjoys being in the spotlight, then this option is reserved for you. First, look for a spacious square and buy a few tins of special dye. Then paint ‘’will you marry me?’’ in big letters and hire professionals or random people for a flash mob. Rehearse several times to be in sync. Come with your lady, behold the magnetic number and ask her to join you in a dance. After the crowd scatters and she notices the writing, reach for the piece in your pocket.

Shakespearean Style

Is your partner an admirer of performance arts? Go to the theatre and incorporate your proposal into the play. Some locations offer an interactive experience. See if you can book it and change the plot however you like.

It Was Written in the Stars

You can take your beloved to a cultural event other than theatre. We, for one, recommend visiting a planetarium. Contact their manager ahead to check whether they can project the ‘’marry me’’ during the stargazing show.

Yacht of Passion

Cruising towards the sunset is a perfect way to fire the question. Take your relationship to the next level with an exquisite bottle of wine and an amorous vibe of the sea.

Underwater Wonder

Living near the coast? Take her for a scuba diving session. While in the deep, pretend to have found a seashell with a pearl. Open it, disclose a ring and let her gasp in astonishment. Pro tip: plant the shell with a band earlier and ensure it’s securely attached to a coral or stone. In addition, don’t forget to set up the waterproof camera to record the moment.

Movie Scene

Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Think of the romantic movie that makes her shed tears of joy and reenact the scene from it. There you have it, a clear guide to a proposal she’s bound to love.

Low-key Proposal

This type of proposal implies an intimate atmosphere when two of you hold hands, hug and spend quality time together, silencing the external noise. The planning is easier, and decorations are cheaper, with the main idea being: plain but meaningful. If you wish, you can include into your modest celebration closest friends or relatives.

At home

Social Media Feed

Change your status in social media for ‘’married to (name)’’ and ask your spouse what they think of the update. Enjoy how their facial expression alters as they gradually comprehend the situation.

Fortune Cookie

Fortune cookies are a type of pastry that anyone can master. The recipe is simple, and you can place the engagement ring inside a cookie. Prepare a delicious dinner and savour the dessert for last. She’ll be pleasantly surprised with both your skills and creativity.

Hacking Computers

With access to her computer, you can get a picture with a chosen caption displayed during the start-up. If she never turns her machine off and puts it in sleeping mode while going for coffee, make the picture a screensaver instead.

Trivia Quizzes and Board Games – Entertainment and Awe Combined

If you are geeks from head to toe, host a trivia night at home and have your quizmaster ask, “(Name), will you marry (name)?” If you are more of a Dungeon and Dragons couple, win the conquest and give her the final treasure in the form of a ring. In fact, any board game would do the impressive trick. If solving mysteries brings you satisfaction, go for it. We can continue forever, but you get the point: any bonding activity has a certain nostalgic charm about it.



Bring her to her favourite place: hotel rooftop, national park, Eiffel Tower, etc. and ask a passer-by to take a picture. Instead of posing for the camera, drop to your knee.

In the Wild

Are you the kind of couple who spends their weekends hiking? If so, scheme out the picnic in the mountains. Where better to declare your undying love than on the high altitudes.

All Is Not What It Seems

An increasing number of products, such as Pepsi or Milka, periodically do promos, where you can get a customised label printed on the bars and bottles. Purchase her favourite drink or sweets and let the marketing do its job.

Pop It with the Corn

If there is a premiere in the cinema she has been yearning to go to, buy two tickets and use them to your advantage. Insert the dreamy ring into a huge bucket of popcorn and see the action unfold both on the screen and in real life.

The Cherry on the Top

Order custom cake from a bakery. Ask the confectioner to write a proposal with her name on the icing and see if they can get your creation placed on the shopping window. Take your partner for a walk and casually lead her to the destination point. Chocolate delicacy will win over any heart!

Exciting Literature

If there’s a book series she particularly fancies, you can hide your betrothal gift in it. Go to a restaurant for a bite, and afterwards change your course to the book shop. Tell the owner about your plan beforehand, ask him to put on her favourite song. Once the music starts, show her the book, and wait for her to find the band.

If you want to learn more about the wedding theme, go to Style Vanity. They specialise in a wide scope of spheres and list amazing life and beauty hacks. We used a few ourselves and found them quite helpful. See if you agree with our judgement.

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