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  • 5 Signs That Your Solar Panel Needs Repairing

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Solar panels have become one of the most reliable and eco-friendly sources of energy. With the increase in global warming, people are now more aware of the detrimental effects of energy sources for producing carbon in the atmosphere. Therefore, they have started to use solar panels for saving the planet and themselves from incurring extra costs of monthly bill payments.

People also like to use solar panels because they not only provide cheap energy but also last too long. An average solar panel may last for nearly 20 to 25 years.

A Malfunctioning solar panel can be a problem for you. Have a look at these signs to see when your solar panel needs seeing to.

It stops giving the regular amount of output:

Every solar panel comes with an average output of power and the owner knows how much to expect. So, when you see that the output is reduced, you can think about repairing it. Make sure that you do it immediately because the problem can get exacerbated.

The inverter stops working:

The inverter is one of the primary parts of the solar system. Its basic objective is to convert solar energy into electricity. When it goes wrong, it stops serving the purpose. Have a look at error messages such as lights of the inverter that is also a good thing to see if you are looking for any indication. Don’t tinker with it yourself because it is not safe.

There is debris accumulation:

Debris accumulation is due to many reasons including bird droppings. You cannot wash your panel system. All you need to do is hire a professional who will see if there is debris accumulation. You can also do it on your own if you want to check the existence of the debris. However, get yourself DC isolator switch at PV Connections to do it safely.

Frequent shutdowns:

If you are completely relying on the solar system for obtaining energy, the shutdown especially when you didn’t see it coming can be a problem. You cannot immediately decide to replace the system entirely. Therefore, you must go for repairs and hire a professional who is equipped with enough knowledge to figure out the main cause of the frequent shutdowns. Sometimes, fixing a minor wiring problem or installing the system correctly can resolve the issue.

It has cracks on it:

If you have seen that, the body of the system is damaged, it might be because it hasn’t been installed properly. The cracks in the body of the system are possible due to variations in weather also. You should never overlook these signs if you want your system to work properly with utmost efficiency thereby, giving you the required amount of output.

You must have transitioned to using solar panels because you want to get a piece of mind by realizing that you have contributed to fighting against global warming. Therefore, it should not give you the stress of any sort. So, always go for necessary repairs on time.

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