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  • 5 Study Tips for Taking the Pediatric Board Exam

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Whether you’re seeking first certification or recertification, the Pediatric Board Exam is one of the most challenging examinations you’ll ever take! It involves several months of planning. Before preparing for the ABP test, even the most fastidious doctor must grasp what is expected of them.

You must know the test’s format, the topics covered, how to construct a study schedule, and what to anticipate on the exam day. Once you understand how to prepare, you may begin studying (and you will be much ahead of your contemporaries)!

Exam Period

Before examining test-taking tactics, let’s look at the nature of the examination itself.

The American Board of Pediatrics grants certification to the Pediatrics Boards. It denotes that you have completed your training and been appropriately assessed as a physician or pediatric subspecialist.

The test consists of around 350 questions and is administered annually in the autumn, often in October. The test is no longer evaluated on a fixed curve as it was. Some hypothesize that the deletion of the curve led to the creation of more challenging issues.

The examination is administered on a single day within three days at Prometric testing sites situated throughout the United States. Even with planned breaks, the ABP General Pediatrics Certification Exam might take up to seven hours to complete.

Create a Practical Study Schedule

Studying will become a primary or secondary job for the month or two leading up to the test, so it is essential to be extremely deliberate about what and how you are studying.

The Examination Content Blueprint is available online or you can go online and find study guides and test companions to help you take the ABP MOCA for exam certification with ease. Dedicate more time to studying high-yield information after determining which subjects to prioritize (usually those weighted more firmly on the exam) with the help of this outline.


Commitment is a significant reason why so many physicians fail their board examinations. It requires a great deal of work and time to prepare for the exam, and if you are a clever, self-confident physician who does not commit the necessary time to study, you will fail. Low-risk, first-time exam candidates are advised to devote at least three hundred hours to exploring. At least five hundred hours should be allocated for moderate and high-risk test-takers.

Are your chances of failing your pediatric boards high or low? Surely you’d want to know this. Even if everyone must study and prepare for the examinations, if you are at increased risk, you are aware that you must make an additional effort and do so in the appropriate manner to pass.

Learn the Subject Matter for Future Application, Not Just the Exam

This facilitates responding to and remembering questions. Your objective is to learn the subject so that you may care for other people’s children, and this knowledge will make you a better caregiver.

Create a Graph of Frequent Diagnosis

You will be tested on principal diagnoses in healthcare during the exam.

Understand the Subject Matter That Will Be Tested

The ABP releases an annual content overview outlining the subject matter covered in the examination and the percentage allotted to each topic area. This will enable you to concentrate during study sessions.


The Top Textbooks for Pediatric Board Exams

Pediatrics Core is suggested reading for Pediatric board examinations. It is the ideal study companion for your Pediatrics board exams.

The Peds Core five-book collection is available in both digital and print formats. It contains just the high-yield knowledge required for your exams. Therefore, you need not worry about reading through a lot of “fluff.” It gets directly to the point, which is passing your Pediatric boards!

Took Sufficient Study Breaks

Exam achievement will not be aided by exhaustion. Furthermore, take care of yourself. Eat healthily, get adequate rest, And exercise your physique.

Study only Board-Style Questions

You should only complete board-style questions during the four weeks preceding the boards. And remember always to practice recall at all phases of study and job! Before seeing the response to a question-and-answer, recollect as much as possible about the issue. Before moving on to the following question, ensure you understand why the proper answer is correct and why each distractor is wrong. If uncertain, use a dictionary or the relevant part of the Core.

On Exam Day

On the day of your test, maintain your usual everyday routine. Ensure that you are comfortable and in a pleasant state of mind. Our favorite test day advice? Before beginning your test, contact a loved one for a good pep talk.

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