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  • How to Crack Bank Exams Effortlessly?

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Without a doubt, banking jobs are some of the best types of desk jobs. From shorter working hours to social status, it provides generously. All this in addition to the more than adequate salary one gets. It’s starting to sound like an ideal dream job doesn’t it?

And that’s exactly why graduates flock to bank exams in the thousands. The sheer number of applicants competing for a limited number of posts might be alarming, but you needn’t fret. With undeterred focus and hard work, you can be guaranteed a position in the banking sector. We know this is easier said than done.

Most candidates you compete with will have similar levels of motivation and skill as you but sometimes, it’s the subtle differences that will lead to victory when compound. We are here to help you with just that – the extra edge!

Here are a few effective tips that you might find helpful:

The Blue-Print

The pattern of the exam is what dictates your approach to studying the syllabus systematically. The weightage a section carries is easily more important than how difficult or what level of skill it requires. The exam pattern would also give you an idea of how much time you should ideally spend on each section when you are taking the exam.

Negative marking may also be present in certain sections. It is usually advised not to take chances in such areas. Given the importance of the exam pattern, try to go through it carefully before you dive into preparation. The exam pattern for most bank exams is very similar. To get a sense of what we just spoke about, take a look at the IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern and try charting out an ideal exam taking strategy. While you are it, please keep in mind that IBPS exams are considered as one of the more challenging bank exams.

The Target

Of course, our only goal in exams would be to “score as much as possible”, but the targets, i.e. cut-offs, that you are required to win over can act as a guide especially during mock tests. There are many factors that alter the cut-off marks, including the designation and the recruiting body. So make sure to take a look at them before deciding your goal.

Familiarizing yourself with the cut-offs should in no way lead to you slacking off during your preparation since even an exam with a low cut-off translates to a very difficult question paper. For example, the recent IBPS Clerk Cut-off wasn’t as high as it has been in the past.

The Plan

Cover the topics of the syllabus in an orderly manner, meaning, to start with one section and see it through before you move on to another section and similarly work your way across all the sections.

Try not to skip topics on account of their difficulty, for all we know the questions therein might be easy. Try to test yourself at the end of each topic and make sure to note down your areas of weakness especially if you fear forgetting certain key concepts or formulae later on.

Try not to make unrealistic study plans, as they can backfire and discourage you if you fail to achieve said objectives. Preparation for both the English language and general awareness sections can be aided by reading the newspaper on a daily basis.

Take ample rest

This is a tricky lesson to learn since too much and too little can both be equally counter-productive. Do not consider studying through the nights as perseverance or determination. Not only will it make your retention of concepts weak, but it could also potentially have a negative impact on your health.


For any competitive exam, a question bank carries immense value. Let’s not forget the question papers themselves, from the years gone by. With these two must-have resources in hand, you can choose from a wide variety of online resources, both free and for a fee. But take care not to get lost in the hunt for better resources, without utilizing the ones you already have.

Practice, Practice and Practice

Once you’ve crossed the threshold of covering the syllabus and understanding the concepts within, it is only a matter of reinforcing them by solving as many questions as possible.

Make these tips your own to best suit your learning needs.

Happy learning!

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