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  • Role of Social Recruitment and e-Recruitment in Modern Practices

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  • Published Date: April 14, 2022
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Modern business practices have evolved differently, with a great emphasis on technology. For every small activity, we rely on tech assistance.

Moreover, automation is a trend in numerous industries nowadays, and it is involving day by day even more. Therefore, detailed information can be obtained and used to get more reliable outcomes.

Digitalization has impacted HR departments of various organizations enhancing activities and increasing efficiency. Recruiting can be called an ideal function of an organization. However, a successful recruitment process includes various difficulties for recruiters. Acquiring the best talent to get higher productivity is challenging for an HR manager. Modern and widespread recruiting methods include social recruitment and e-recruitment. Here, we will discuss these two methods and their impact on businesses.

Impact of Social Recruiting and e-Recruiting on Recruitment Process

Social recruiting is a popular term among various business sectors, and it helps the recruiter in finding the top talent using famous social platforms.

Social networking sites have attracted a large number of people and brought different business enterprises involved. Now, one can recruit a proper candidate with higher potential from various available options. In addition, filtration of candidates can be done on social platforms so that the manual resume verification process gets eliminated and only eligible candidates can be taken ahead to select from.

And social media platforms engage a lot of people, so a business can get as many options as it wants. And these platforms are easy to use and attractive, so people can find jobs without even being so tech-savvy.

Social recruiting delivers numerous benefits to an organization and the candidate both. It brings higher quality candidates, reduces the costs of hiring, targets the audience in a better way, creates better brand awareness among candidates, and shortens the processing time. In addition, candidates can get job descriptions from the company’s social media posts, find the most suitable jobs, compare various options for the job and select the highest paying available option.

After getting candidates listed, the interviewing concerns arise for a recruiter, such as scheduling, defining eligibility criteria of candidates, and the maximum CTC the company can offer for the specific role. Of course, interview scheduling is the most significant challenge for a recruiter/manager. However, the digital world has a solution for this concern also.

e-Recruiting is the most evolving term in modern recruitment practices. It includes web-enabled recruiting and interviewing activities. Posting job openings, identifying candidates, screening of listed applicants, and scheduling online/offline interviews-these can be called major elements of the e-recruitment process.

Difference Between Both Terms And Their Implementation

Social recruiting and e-recruiting look similar in meaning, but their scope is different in size. In addition, social hiring is limited to social media platforms and can’t help in the interview procedure. While e-recruiting assists an organization in the entire process and enhances the quality of outcomes. Some companies also use recruiting software to streamline the process.

Both terms hold a revolutionizing place in the context of implementation. Linkedin, Hiree, and Indeed are popular social recruiting platforms. In addition, Facebook and Instagram also play a vital role in the process. Since the last decade, social recruiting has been evolving more and more, and its implementation has surpassed an incredible number. According to Glassdoor, 79% of candidates find jobs through social media, and around 70% of recruiters said they have successfully hired with social platforms. As earlier stated, social platforms reflect the company’s image in front of job seekers and create brand awareness. According to g2, 62% of applicants use social channels to evaluate the employer brand, and 72% of recruiters added that the employer brand significantly impacts the recruiting process.

e-Recruiting has grown significantly in recruitment practices. According to Jobscan’s research, 98% of companies listed in the fortune 500 use recruitment software for hiring candidates. Additionally, in a report of Jobvite, it was stated that 61% of recruiting executives expect video interviewing as the default method. Furthermore, Getapp’s research said that 86% of hiring professionals mentioned that recruitment software helped them cut the process’s time consumption, and 78% agreed that ATS application improved the quality of the process and candidates they hire. e-Recruitment has also helped hiring professionals to continue the recruiting process and get the best talent globally.

And not only has digital practices evolved the recruiting process, but the skill-based approach has also marked its place in development. Numerous organizations have turned their interview process into a skill-driven method to hire the best talent. It includes a pre-employment questionnaire, surveys, candidate analytics, screening of applicants, and establishing a strategy for the recruiting process. These activities help the recruiter in evaluating the candidate and selecting the best suitable among them.

The future holds great opportunities for both recruiters and job seekers. First, we can mention that e-recruitment will expand more and more in terms of implementation. The computerization of databases will be the new technique to hire candidates with the help of AI. A strong possibility of resume devices lies in the upcoming times, so there will be no more resumes and certificates in the hand of applicants. The digital device will carry all the required information about the candidate. AI-based chatbots can also be helpful to make significant interactions with applicants. With these digital advancements, hiring professionals can create an efficient hiring strategy. However, we cannot deny that the human touch in the recruitment process is mandatory.

To Sum Up

We discussed the evolution of the recruiting practices with e-recruitment and social recruitment. As a result, various improvements have occurred, and both terms are growing unexceptionally. Recruiters can now hire appropriate candidates with more options and cut the time barrier of the process.

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