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  • How Much Salary Can I Expect After Being Certified With CISSP?

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Do you know that we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, and the world is increasingly becoming a digital one? Cyber-attacks are one of the most severe drawbacks despite all the wonderful aspects of being online. The threat is not limited to large corporations, but every business or person linked to the internet. Cybersecurity professionals can identify the problem and fix it in an organization’s computer systems or networks.

Regardless of their degree of experience, Cybersecurity specialists are a highly sought-after profession. In addition, if you are a certified cybersecurity specialist, you have an advantage over other job seekers. Certifications such as CISSP are widely recognized. Because of the vital need for cyber security professions, they aren’t hard to come by. If you want to get ahead of the curve in the cyber security business, now is the time to get certified and start filling the 3.5 million empty positions in 2021.

Is this intriguing to you?

In 2021, we can expect to see a plethora of training programs. Many educational online platforms are constantly available to help professionals, study for tests in the most efficient manner feasible. To pass the CISSP certification exam, this is required! To qualify, you must have the following: the appropriate level of experience, professional work hours, academic degrees, and other work-related certifications that you may have gained while working in the cybersecurity I.T. industry.

The CISSP Training is the most significant way to become a leader in the office and earn higher pay.

So, in this post, we’ll give you a glimpse at the following topics:

Define what CISSP is?

Since its inception, the Information Security Professional (ISC2) CISSP certification has been widely recognized and sought after. CISSP certification is widely accepted as a prerequisite for many information and cyber security positions.

What is CISSP salary 2021?

Let’s get to the core of the article now. What can CISSP-certified professionals expect to earn? There are several prospects for progress in the I.T. security area. Pay for someone who has earned certification in information systems security is dependent on where they live.

The CISSP experts want to see an increase in the average global salary. They are projected to make 25 percent more money than their non-certified peers in the same profession. The highest-paying jobs for CISSP professionals are listed at number 4 and number 5.

Average salaries report in the U.S.

The CISSP certification costs an average of $116,825 per year in Washington, D.C. With a salary of $146,427 in San Francisco, this is no little accomplishment. The average salary for a CISSP in Chicago is $103,016. Four states pay the most annual wages: District of Columbia, Virginia, New York, and California. These four states have salaries ranging from $114,000 to more than $120,000. While male CISSP professionals typically make between $62,000 and $121,000, women typically earn between $62,000 and $121,000.

There is a high demand for CISSP professionals in the District of Columbia. In Washington, D.C., the average pay is $116,955 but ranges from $72,000 to $147,000. This city is a popular choice for young professionals because many people have similar interests. In addition, Washington, D.C., hosts numerous networking events for professionals. Additionally, there are many work opportunities for CISSPs.

Salary is varied by a professional’s level of experience and education. An entry-level CISSP credential holder can expect to earn roughly $60,900 per year. The median salary after one to four years is $74,614. Some of these people begin making six-figure salaries at the age of 10. The average compensation for a 20-year veteran is $123,940.

It all relies on the type of recruiting company for compensation. A CISSP certification can lead to work in both the public and private sectors of the United States government. Earnings vary based on one’s education and where one went to school. UMD’s CISSP graduates claim they make between $76,596 and $157,467 per year. Graduates of the University of Phoenix earn between $61,939 and $125,789.

Security-certified IT professionals in North America make 9% more than their non-certified colleagues. Security professionals in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and Latin America (L.A.) earn 6%, 8%, and 12% more, respectively, than those in the rest of the world.

In the following table, you will find a comparison of a CISSP’s annual pay in several countries.

CountrySalary<1 year 1 to 4 yrs.5 to 9 yrs20+ yrs
India (Rs.)1,787,769442k653k1M2M+
Australia (AU$)148,326145k159k131k174k
UK (£)57,89545k53k54k68k
USA ($)117,38389k92k105k123k
Canada (C$)100,68187k96k101k100k

Salary for CISSPs According to Job Portals

  • Ziprecruiter: The average CISSP salary is around $125,470 per year.
  • Indeed: The annual average CISSP salary is $99,000.
  • Payscale: CISSP holders earn an average salary of $115,885 per year.
  • Dice: CISSP candidates earn an average salary of $138,647 per year.

Salary for CISSPs based on their experience

According to experience, the remuneration of a business system analyst can vary. The great expertise you have, the higher your income will be. Look at the starting, intermediate, and senior business system analysts’ salary levels.

  • Regarding Payscale, CISSP starting salary for freshers with less than one year of experience can be around $89k on average each year.
  • According to Payscale, an entry-level CISSP can expect an annual pay of $92k with experience ranging from one year to four years.
  • As per Payscale, a CISSP professional can expect to make around $105k a year if they have experience of 5 to 9 years.
  • The typical yearly compensation for a senior CISSP with over ten years of experience is between $117k and $23k.


Software infrastructure holds essential data, company information, and substantial, non-shareable facts and numbers that might be disastrous if accessed by competitors. Hence companies tend to spend more on it than other areas. To get ahead of the game, you’ll need a CISSP certification. The CISSP certification has a wide range of applications.

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