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  • How Is the Digital India Movement Helping the Situation of Jobs in India?

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  • Published Date: August 29, 2018
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The Narendra Modi government came up with the idea of Digital India such that this important programme would help to bring in the influence of technology. In order to reach out to the large audience, some other programs have also been planned such as Start-up India, Stand-up India, and Skill India. When you look into the influence of Digital India, it would be noticed that it not only helped in empowerment but also help in creating plenty of employment opportunities. One prominent example is the introduction of Aadhaar card that would help to link a physical identity with the technology and get easy delivery of services.

Opportunities created by Digital India

  • It is one of the best initiatives that are aimed to transform India into an empowered mass that would have the influence of IT. In addition to this, the main vision of the program is to provide the facility of digital infrastructure to every citizen of India and the facilities of e-governance.
  • With the initiation of Digital Locker and facilities under e-governance, every citizen would be benefited through this program. Also, the citizen would be able to store their information in the form of a cloud safely and access it when needed. This also enables to reduce the problem of paperwork and eventually help to increase the interaction of various departments with the help of communication technology and Information. In addition to this, it also speeds up the pace of work without any obstruction in between.
  • Digital India also benefits the business persons when there is an increasing demand for telecommunication service makes it easier both for the financial and domestic investors.
  • The Digital India initiative would help the country to move from a developing country to a developed country as the project plans to provide broadband facility to almost 2.5 lakh villages that would actually change the scenario of the country.
  • It is hoped that once the desired have come into being, it would also help to change the education system of the country. In addition, it can also be presumed that the Gram Panchayats would have easy access to the internet service and enhance the teaching method. Also, it would be possible to provide high-quality study materials and empower the students increasing the literacy level in the country. Students these days are making use of the technology to prepare for entrance exams such as IAS exam, Upsc, and others.
  • The lack of internet service in the rural regions of the country would be improved by the initiation of Digital India. The farmers would be able to access the Internet, know more about cropping techniques, and other government schemes to enlighten their style of living.
  • Other than the above-mentioned facilities, citizens of India would also be able to avail e-commerce, e-ticketing and e-healthcare service. This enables to enhance the communication level and bringing everything easily at everyone’s doorstep.
  • Other than providing employment in the IT sector, there is a huge employment requirement in the electronics sector. The Digital India initiative is also planning to eliminate the import of electronics goods to India and therefore, trying to create facilitates for electronics manufacturing in India itself.
  • It is also aimed that with the introducing of the Digital India initiative, the bureaucracy and improve the transparency in every sphere.

However, with the increased use of mobile, internet service and the demand for e-services are changing the present scenario of the country. Thus, Digital India is no more a dream and an implemented action that has gained success in every sphere of our lives. In addition, a committee has been formed to look after the strict functioning and the completion of the pending projects.

digital india programme

Digital India Programme

How the digital India initiative creates jobs?

Considering the IT sector, the Digital India program would help to provide improved training and skills to the youth who are job seekers in the IT sector. Other than the IT sector, it also helps in the setting of the BPO service such that it is able to use ICT-enabled growth. The electronics manufacturing is also improved with the help of the Digital India program. The target is for net-zero import of electronics by the year 2020 by implementation in taxation, skill development field, government procurement, and others.

The budget proposal under this Digital India initiative has been appreciated by industry experts as it would help to enhance the technological advancements and create more job opportunities. In addition, the quality of education, teaching aids, healthcare and progress in the rural area would be looked after. In the case of teaching, both technology and this digital India program is creating better opportunities for jobs such as Upsc, banking sector, IAS, and others. Students preparing for such exams in the rural region of the country would be benefitted from the technology services to prepare for the exams.

How is Digital India initiative helping rural regions?

It is also seen that the method of machine learning and the use of artificial intelligence is progressing. This would eventually help India to acquire top position in the global hub. Students trying to secure a prominent position in the desired sector would be helped with the plan of 5 lakh Wi-Fi hotspots rolling out in the rural parts of India. This would improve rural connectivity and help students access the internet when appearing for entrance exams such as IAS, Upsc, banking and other competitive exams. It is known that the Digital India program has drawn 4.5 lakh crore and in addition to this, it has also promised to create 18 lakh jobs in the future. It would actually ease the business world making the country a developed one.

As per statistics, it can be said that more than 80 BPOs are operating in 27 states and the BPOs are operational in most of the states. Many boys and girls from the rural regions are employed in the BPO sector, and thus it has created thousands of job opportunities.

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