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  • Why Passenger Tyres Are Different From SUV Tyres?

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Many beginners who have little knowledge about cars and tyres ask this question that why passenger tyres are different from SUV tyres.

Today, we will discuss what makes them different from each other and how many kinds of tyres are found in each category.

To understand passenger tyres, you first need to understand passenger cars. Passenger cars are vehicles which are designed to provide smooth and comfortable rides on roads and highway. Most passenger cars come with two-wheel drive, while some come with all-wheel-drive, a recent drivetrain system. These are for drivers who prefer smooth rides, fuel-efficiency and reliability. You cannot take them to rough trails or uneven surfaces. While the recent addition of AWD has given some car the ability to drive in mild off-road conditions, you still can expect them to perform on large rocks or steep hills.

SUVs on the other hand, are designed to handle rough terrains. Coming with four-wheel drive and powerful suspensions, these can take on rough trails. Whether you want to drive loose mud or shiny sand, a 4×4 will take you through any trail.

Since both have a different purpose, the tyre for each vehicle also performs different tasks.

Passenger tyres are designed for roads and highways, while SUV tyres are designed for a variety of terrains.

Passenger Car tyres

Passenger car tyres come in the following categories:

  • All-season tyres
  • Summer tyres
  • Winter tyres

All-season tyres

All-season tyres come in sizes to fit everything from small cars to light-duty SUVs and pickups. They are for drivers who want year-round traction, long tread wear and a comfortable ride. But all-season tires typically lack the precise handling and grip of performance tires.

All-season tyres are designed to deliver in different weather conditions, from hot summer to cold winter. Most vehicles come equipped with these tyre.

Summer Tyres

These tyres are crafted for extremely hot weather and perform exceptionally until the temperature drops below 45°F/7.2°C. Delivering in both dry and wet conditions, these have a high-speed rating, While these resist hydroplaning, you cannot expect them to perform on sliding ice or heavy snow.

Winter Tires or Snow Tires

These tyres are perfect for drivers who live in cities where the temperature regularly drops below 45°F/7.2°C. Crafted to deliver smooth riding in ice and snow, these are also ideal for drivers who have to spend most of their winter driving on snow.

These tyres feature unique rubber compound to stay softer in winter and big groove gaps channel the snow from the way and maintain traction on ice.

SUV tyres

SUV tyres feature an aggressive tread pattern because these have to maintain traction on uneven terrains.

You can find all the above-mentioned passenger car types in SUV tyres. Additionally, you can find the following:

  • All-terrain tyres
  • Highway tyres
  • Mud tyres

Just like passenger car tyres, SUV Highway Tyres perform well on roads and highways and focus on giving a commendable ride comfort.

Mud tyres are for off-road enthusiasts, people who like to on off-road adventures. These tyres can perform a variety of tasks, from climbing rocks to passing through the loose mud. The aggressive tread with large grooves in mud tyres helps it grip almost anything.

All-terrain tyres feature a flexible tread pattern which can maintain traction on both highways and off-road. These are perfect for 4×4 owners who prefer to drive on an array of terrains because these combine features of both, from sharp handling and good steering response of highway tyres to the open-tread design of mud tyres.

Just like vans and pick-up trucks are different. SUVs and passenger cars are different too. Choose the best tyre by doing a lot of research online before you visit any tyre shop.

It is true that the tyre market has evolved. Tyre brands in UAE have introduced a lot of tyres in the market and you cannot choose the best one until you do thorough research and assess your driving needs comprehensively.

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