safety tips for driving in the fog
  • Things You Should Know When Driving In The Fog

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Featured Image Caption: Safety Tips for Driving in the Fog

About fog and visual deception

Suppose you think that rain is the most severe weather test that Mother Nature has prepared for you. In that case, you are deeply mistaken because the fog requires from the driver much more concentration and exertion of all the physical, moral and all other sets of forces at his disposal.

Driving in fog is dangerous mainly not because of a significant decrease in visibility but because of the distortion of distances – a phenomenon much more hazardous than poor visibility. Often, the vision of a driver caught in a fog plays a cruel joke with him, and all distances seem to him twice as large as they really are. At the same time, it is imperative in the fog not only to drop the speed but also to increase the distance.

Almost 70% of all road accidents in fog are a collision with stationary obstacles or a collision with a vehicle in front. You can see the sidelights of another car in the fog, but you will never know for sure if it is moving or standing.

The peculiarity of fog changes a person’s perception of colors: yellow resembles red, and green gives off yellowish. The only color that fog has no control over is red. That is why red cars are considered the safest.

When driving in fog, it is necessary to use “fog lights”, but it should always be remembered that these headlights will only be effective if correctly adjusted.

The basic rules for driving in fog are:

  • reduce the speed to half the visibility distance in meters (for example, if you see no further than 40 meters, you need to move at speed not exceeding 20 km / h);
  • turn on the low beam headlights, which copes much better with fog than the high beam;
  • together with the dipped beam, turn on the fog lights, the yellow light of which better penetrates the veil of fog;
  • turn on the wipers;
  • from time to time, look at the marking line for orientation;
  • keep your distance and not get too close to the vehicle in front;
  • in no case should you be guided by the dimensions of the car in front;
  • try to avoid overtaking in the fog strip.

Be vigilant and try to act so that it will not hurt after the aimlessly spent years and just hurt. And you should never forget that nature does not have bad weather – there are only sloppy drivers who ignore basic safety rules.

Bonus: Do Tyres Matter? What are some replacement tips?

Fog is often accompanied by some moisture; after all, the mist is technically liquid but in a different form of state. It would help if you replaced your tyres before you start driving.

Pro-tip: Look up the Internet for the best car tyre brands in your region.

Here are a few tips for replacing tyres:

  • All four tyres of the same size, manufacturer and model should be changed at once unless another option is provided by the manufacturer.
  • If you only want to change one pair, make sure to inspect them for compatibility with other tyres installed on the car for compliance with the manufacturer’s technical requirements and the requirements of current legislation.
  • If you only bought a replacement pair, fix them on the rear axle. By doing this, you will deliver dependable grip and directional stability of the wheels.
  • If you are using radial and bias tyres simultaneously, radial should be mounted on the rear axle. Do not place radial and bias tyres on the same axle at the same time.
  • We advise using tyres with the same speed & load evaluation on the exact vehicle. If they differ, attempt to fix tyres with the same indexes on the same axle.
  • The tyre’s load index must agree to the indicator approved by the manufacturer of the original vehicle.
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