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  • 8 Employees, You Need to Put Up A Robust Startup Team

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You shaped a service or product, initiated making revenue, and started earning – that is the period to employ your workforce. However, it is never easy to find out the right people for the right job.

Money is often tight at the beginning of your business, so it’s imperative to follow the process. You have to relax and analyze the potential employees thoroughly.

New hiring will depend on the needs of the company’s type, but your hired employees must be trustworthy, passionate, and flexible. These are eight people you must hire after started making money.

CEO – Chief Executive Officer and COO – Chief Operations Officer

The two fundamental players in your company will be the chief executive officer and chief operating officer. The CEO is the most senior executive who provides leadership, vision, and culture of the company. While COO focuses on daily operations to keep your businesses running.

Founders often held this responsibility, but you may be able to get people for these positions from the outside.

Product Manager

The product manager is responsible for everything related to your service or product. This employee manages vision, product planning, and development. The product managing team works with marketing and engineering departments to develop and market the product.

However, if you have decided to hire a project manager, it compels you to evolve your mind about the project by including someone else in it. This step allows founders to work more in the business than for the business.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

A team of technology and development professionals is critical to the success of your business, especially for technology start-ups. But, at the starting, you may need only one person to look after the technical aspects of the company. You can outsource this position but it is better to hire a permanent technology officer.

He has to take care of everything from hardware to software to telephone technology. This member can also lead your online business with the coordination of other concerned departments.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

This employee will focus on the customers and analyze that how they see your product or service. He also needs to communicate with customers and work as a location manager to maintain a positive relationship between the business and its customers. This man can work on product management to incorporate customer’s feedback into product development.

Sales Manager

This employee will focus on creating innovative ways to monetize your business. Hire a sales manager and use the money he brings into hiring other employees. This may be the most difficult post to hire, so it takes time and effort to find the right person.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Experts recommend beginners outsource this responsibility of managing financials, but hiring a CFO can benefit your business.

It is imperative to have a financial partner who looks after and manages all aspects of the company’s finances. The initial financials of the company includes the management of loans and mortgages and everyday necessities such as paying suppliers and managing small amounts.

Business Development Manager

While he is similar to the sales manager, a business development manager finds ways to grow your business from both a marketing and sales standpoint. For example, this professional might focus on developing relationships or partnerships with other businesses to increase revenue and potential for growth.

A good business development manager identifies new business opportunities, both within the organization and with other companies. In doing so, he will consider new markets, areas where you might expand and grow, new partnerships, ways to reach other existing markets, and ways to appeal to ideal customers.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service is a very important task that any business should consider critical. Building good relationships with your customers and partners is the cornerstone of your brand.

It doesn’t matter how excellent your product is if your business is not dealing well with its customers and clients. Without professional handling of the customers, eventually, your reputation will suffer. This is a task you will want to accomplish as soon as possible.

Executives play an important role in building the foundations of a startup. We recommend you hire an executive search firm to help you with executive recruiting. These companies have a lot of experience in placing executives across different industries.

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