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  • Top 6 Reasons to Commute With Your Electric Bike

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Bicycle commuting is becoming more popular than ever as the market for electric bikes keeps growing. There are a lot of reasons to trade in a commuter car for an electric bike, too, especially if you own a second vehicle just to get to work.


Commuting by bike has been popular for a long time, but it has also been a challenge that many people back away from because of the effort that traditional bikes took. When you have an electric motor assist, that makes riding easy, so you do not have to pack extra clothes or worry about sweating through the ones you wear to work.

Save on Gas

Electric bikes don’t use any gas at all, so switching over to one for all your daily commuting means you save 100% of your current gas budget. Even if you keep a car for weekend trips or out of town getaways, you’re not going to have a daily fuel budget anymore.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

No manufactured goods can ever be truly free of a carbon imprint, but making the right choices can reduce the overall imprint of your belongings. Electric bikes do this in several ways. First, since they don’t burn fossil fuels, they do not create a footprint post-manufacture, apart from replacement parts having a manufacturing cost. They are also compact and lightweight, with efficient batteries that do not need a lot of energy to fully recharge. All those factors make them more carbon-efficient to build and operate than most vehicles. Some green electric bikes for sale even source materials conscientiously to further reduce their impact, which is great for environmentally-conscious riders.

Simple Storage

Storing a bicycle is a lot simpler than finding parking for a car, especially in a city. Urban settings are known for expensive reserved parking and exorbitant garage fees for events and destination nightlife locations. Bicycles can be easily stored on racks that are usually free to access, but more importantly they are light enough to bring with you in a pinch. That means you can bring the bike up to your apartment for overnight storage or stick it in a corner of your office easily.

Less Expensive Than a Car or Motorcycle

Saving money on gas is a great reason to pick any electric vehicle, but electric bicycles have an advantage over EV cars, trucks, and motorcycles. That is their cost to own. Fuel costs are not everything, there are also considerations to make when you purchase and plan for a vehicle. Electric bicycles are more expensive than traditional bikes, but they are far less expensive than practically every other form of motor-assisted transportation. That is one reason why electric bikes for women have become so popular in cities.

Even Replacement Parts Are Cheaper

It’s not just the cost of buying the bike that is lower than a car or the fuel savings. A good women’s commuter bike also has cheaper replacement parts and less expensive maintenance needs than a traditional vehicle. How many more reasons do you need?

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