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  • 10 Guidelines For Kids Riding Gear Bike With Ultimate Safety

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A kid riding Gear Bike would be fun, but at the same time, the safety of the kid is the most significant thing. We here will help you with the best possible tips to your kids for a safer ride.

First choose the Gear Bike keeping the following points in mind:

  • Will The Seat Be Comfortable For Your Kid?

When you are Buying a geared bike for your kid, then make sure the seats are comfortable. Buy a Gear Bike only if your kid can balance the bike and reach the handlebar.

  • Select The Appropriate Wheel Size.

Gear Bikes comes in different wheel size and structure. Some wheels are suitable for riding it in the mountain, and some are suitable to ride it on the road. Swingarm and suspension will vary for different bikes. Wheels offer the utmost stability and choose a bike and the wheels that are appropriate for your kid.

  • Engine Size & Engine Type

Choose the engine size, which will be suitable for a kid to ride it. A good throttle control Engine will be perfect for young riders. A good climb and acceleration help in the smooth transmission of the vehicle.

  • Inflating Of Tires

Always Check the Tires of your kid’s bike, whether it is adequately inflated. Choose a geared bike which is less convincing. Bike with small wheels and lower displacement will be easier to control.

  • Proper Brake And Gear Mechanism

Most essential parts of any bike are the Brake. If the Brake is not proper, then it may lead to an accident. Check for the working of the brakes whether they are properly conditioned and precision stopping.

  • Safety Equipments

Buy helmets, gloves, and knee pads for safety purposes. Choose the Quality helmet so that it protects your child when in danger if they are made of quality materials.

Here are 10 tips for parents to provide the safety measures for their kids:

  1. Check whether the seats and the handlebars are adjustable. Check if you have the possibility to level the seat.
  2. Comfortability and proper training of how to ride a Gear Bike will avoid accidents and make sure you Choose the appropriate tires for your kid’s bike and check if they are inflated properly.
  3. Wearing High-Quality helmets, gloves and knee pads is also one of the Best safeties measures.
  4. Keep an Eye on your kids wherever they are riding and teach them not to ride on the pavements and ask them to leave space between cars and heavy vehicles.
  5. Most of the Bikes comes with Electric start and a kick start engine. Choose the Bike which is most comfortable for kids. Most of the kids would prefer Electric Start since it is just a push button and it is easier to operate.
  6. Teach your kid to use the clutch in the proper way. Train your kid to handle the clutch and proper handling of the vehicle. When your kid is good at throttle and clutch control then it becomes a lot easier.
  7. Choose for the smallest bike since the rate of speed is less when compared to the rest. When you buy smaller bikes for your kid, it will be easier to control. Make your kid understand how the gear and the throttle works.
  8. Safety accessories like Helmets and body protection along with goggles are a must. Teach your kids to use the safety elements wherever they ride.
  9. Check the brakes and the gear mechanism before your kid starts to ride it to ensure safety. When a kid is riding choose the one with the automatic clutch which is applicable for all the motorcycles.
  10. Teach them to use the hand signal at the appropriate time. Make sure to obey the traffic rules and laws by your kids.


Choosing the right Gear bike is a big process and ensuring safe ride is quite challenging. Teaching children about bicycle safety is a must. Ensure the Bike equipments are all properly maintained and in a working condition. And also, the importance of traffic rules has to be educated to the children.

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