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  • 4 Ways to Make Your Used Car Into Something Special

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As proven by classic car builders, any old car can be transformed into a newer, more powerful machine. It requires knowing which parts of the car to upgrade and replace. What exactly you should replace depends on the state of your car as well as your priorities. Turn your old, standard used car into something special by using these four tips.

Big Shiny Grilles

Every truck has a grille that varies in size and significance based on its make and model. A grille provides increased ventilation to the engine, but it is also an aesthetic component of the vehicle. Truck owners can upgrade their grilles by installing a larger size made of solid, damage-resistant materials like mesh or stainless steel. There are a lot of options, so look online or consult some car parts professionals to find the exact right one for you.

Tinted Windows

You cannot avoid having glass windows in your car, but you can reduce the amount of light glare that you face when driving on the road. Car window tinting is designed to protect your eyes and skin from being penetrated by strong UV rays. It can also ensure privacy in your car. The tinting is harder to see through on the outside of the car, though it depends on what kind of tinting you get. The extent of the tint varies from a clear film to a pitch-black color that is common on limousines. Any color of tint can be applied besides black, including clear, purple, and yellow.

Enhanced Engine

Some cars are built with high-performance engines, but others need to be upgraded. A turbocharged engine increases the amount of power by forcing more air and fuel through the combustion chamber. A turbocharger, also known as a supercharger, can be added to a small engine to increase its speed and performance. A twin charger combines the use of a supercharger and turbocharger.

Upgraded Wheels

Everyone talks about how important tires are to the car’s performances. Having good-quality wheels is also necessary to improve the car’s speed, braking, and traction on the road. Car owners often choose wider wheels to accommodate larger tires but make sure that the tires fit snugly inside of the wheel wells without rubbing. You may need to increase the width of your wheels’ diameters.

Altering your wheels has different effects on your driving. Wider tires have increased levels of rolling resistance that are bad for the car’s fuel economy. In addition, heavier wheels require more power to drive on the road. Changing your tires or any part of your wheels will greatly depend on the make and model of your car.

Most vehicles are equipped with standard features that seem unable to be changed. Drivers need to realize that any upgrade can be made to any part to increase its performance and appearance. You will always want to consult with experts, upgrades may require certain things from the base model, but with a little expertise, you can really improve your car. As automotive technologies evolve, continue to look for new ways to enhance your used car whenever it’s needed.

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