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  • How to Best Maintain Your Tires in the Summer

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Summer comes around every year, and with it comes sunshine, pool parties, picnics, and road trips. But this is also the time when we should start paying more attention to the tires on our vehicles. Tires make us feel safe on the road, and ultimately that is why we need to take care of them. In order for you to get the most out of your tires, continue reading below and learn how to best maintain your summer tires.

Wash and Wax Your Tires

Tire dressing is a synthetic rubber that makes tires shine and look new. However, not all tire dressing is created equal. Some tire dressing is actually harmful to your car’s finish because it contains petroleum distillates that remove wax from your paint and dry out rubber seals.

So make sure you’re choosing a tire dressing that doesn’t contain petroleum distillates or silicone (which can cause the same problems). Once you’ve found the right product, wash your tires first using dish soap and water. Then apply two coats of tire dressing following instructions on the bottle. Always test it first in an inconspicuous area to make sure it won’t damage your paint or protective clear coat.

Make Sure That the Tire Valves Are in Proper Shape

Valves are a rubber-like material with a brass core positioned at the end of the valve stem, which is located in the wheel rim. The rubber part can become perished or split, which will allow air to escape from the tire. This can be hard to detect and causes tires to underinflate over time. Valves work by letting you fill your tires with air and then keeping the air inside.

Check Tire Treads Regularly for Uneven Wear and Tear

During the summer, it is especially important to check tire tread depth to ensure that your tires will have adequate traction when a summer rainstorm hits the road. What are treads? Tread is a raised pattern on the rubber surface of a tire that helps maintain traction on wet roads.

What do they do? The grooves and sipes in the tread disperse water from beneath the tire so that you can drive safely while maintaining control of your vehicle. How can you tell if a tread is worn out? It’s time to change your tires if there’s less than 1/16″ of tread left on any of them. You can also use an easy pennies trick to see if your tires need replacing or not.

The Way You Drive Has an Impact

Cautious driving and good car maintenance do go hand in hand. Be cautious about how you might load your vehicle, especially if you have trucks. Hefty loads put the tires under more pressure, which will cause them to deteriorate faster.

Your tires lifespan is also affected by the terrain you usually drive on. For example, an average city car is not built to navigate rough off-road tracks. Vehicles like Jeeps and Subarus are better fitted for those kinds of terrains.

Check Pressure Regularly

It’s easy to check tire pressure, and it’s important since improperly inflated tires can cause damage to your car. You don’t need to do this every week or anything, but be sure to check the pressure on your tires every month or two. Whether you have Nissan tires or Ford tires, there is no difference, especially if you know that your tires are under-inflated.

Following the above tips will help you avoid getting stranded with a flat tire in a crisis and keep your vehicle cruising smoothly all summer long.

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