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  • Horse Racing Triple Crown: What Is That

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One of the rarest achievements in the sporting world is getting the Triple Crown in horse racing. Horse racing experts will tell you that to achieve the Triple Crown, it takes more than just luck and determination, strength and stamina also play a bigger role. If you are a horse racing betting enthusiast, you may be aware that only on thirteen occasions has this feat been achieved ever since the American Triple Crown started. For those who may not be privy to this information, we are going to explore what Triple Crown is all about.

About Triple Crown

Triple Crown in horse racing denotes a term that refers to three races that are combined into one achievement. When a horse wins all three races in one season, it is crowned the Triple Crown winner, going down the history as the best as well as the Legend in horse racing sports. It is considered a difficult race not just in horse racing but also in all sports championships.

English Triple Crown

Aladar Kollar, a horse racing betting enthusiast, and expert observes that the English Triple Crown has been around since 1809. Only a few horses have won the coveted title. It is interesting to note that for the last fifty-two years no horse has been crowned the title winner. The last was Nijisky fifty-two years ago, when the horse broke the record, becoming the first to be crowned the winner since 1935. Although the Triple Crown title remains elusive, online horse racing betting enthusiasts have not had a break, they have been enjoying wagering for their favorite horses ever since it became possible to bet online. This is what Aladar Kollar had to say about horse racing online betting. “Bár az English Triple Crown nem volt bevéve 1970 òta, a lòverseny fogadás online nem unalmas miòta a fogadòk interneten is tehetik tétjeiket. Az akciò csomagolva van a bukmékerek bôkezü esélyeinek ajánlatával. Az online lòversenyfogadִás valosággá válásával a szerencsejátekosok fogadhatnak minden olyan lòversenyre ami hozzájárul az English Triple Crownhoz, tudván, hogy kevés az esélye, hogy egyetlen lò mind a három versenyt megnyeri.”

This is a sentiment that many horse racing betting experts would agree with. It is based on historical facts, even watching horse racing movies such as Secretariat and Phar Lap will give you an indication that those who bet on a horse winning all the three races and eventually winning the crown are betting on a rare occurrence.

Other Triple Crown events

It is a similar story to the other notable Triple Crowns in different parts of the world. American Triple Crown In the American Triple Crown horse race, for a horse to be crowned the winner, it is required to win the Kentucky Derby first, thereafter two weeks emerge the winner in the Preakness Stakes and three weeks later take the Belmont Stakes, making it a triple win. It’s worth noting that in all of the history of the Triple Crown horse racing, only thirteen horses have ever achieved the feat. This shows the difficulty of the race given that it has been running for close to one hundred and fifty years; the first time that the three races existed simultaneously.

horse racing crowd spectators

Horse Racing Crowd Spectators

Irish Triple Crown, like the English and American counterparts, consider of types of horse racing namely:

  • The Irish 2000 Guineas race which is staged at Curragh
  • The Irish Derby, and
  • Irish St Leger held at the Curragh racecourse

Like the other Triple Crown races, there has not been a winner for a long period. Listening to one horse racing podcast that airs stories on the race, one will notice that the Irish Triple Crown has not yielded good results compared to the American and English crown. Only two horses, one in 1935 and the other in 1942 have ever won this title. Even horse racing outfits do not show a recent winner, you may not see any of them having inscriptions other than for the two wins. Any outfits showing a recent Irish Triple Crown winner would only be done out of imagination. Horse racing betting enthusiasts looking to wager on Irish Triple crown events are also informed. Placing a bet on the next winner of the race is a sure way to lose a bet, however, despite the fact that the award has been elusive no one can bet for certainty that it won’t happen soon.

Australian Triple Crown

You may have come across horse racing outfits denoting the popularity of the Australian Triple Crown. It is one event that attracts great attention. The event comprises of:

  • Randwick horse race
  • Rosehill racing
  • Australian Derby which is held at Randwick

The Australian Triple Crown has had a recent winner when the horse named Dundeel emerged the winner in 2013. The Triple Crown winner joined four other winners with the other recent award being in 1996.

Triple Crown horse racing will remain a popular event in different parts of the world, fans and bettors will enthusiastically continue to follow it hoping that each year a winner in the most difficult sports competition will emerge.

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