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  • Four Things Every Driver Should Have On Hand to Fix Their Car

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Every car owner should know the basics of fixing a car by hand. This includes having all of the necessary tools in the car in case of an accident. Roadside assistance is not always available when and where you need it. Just a little car knowledge can prevent damage and help you stay on the move. Here are 4 items that every driver should have in their vehicle.

Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is a hand tool that is designed to fasten nuts or bolts, especially when changing a car tire. In order to work properly, some fasteners must be tightened to a certain degree. Many torque wrenches have measuring gauges or other features that indicate how much torque is being applied when using the tool. Check the owner’s manual and consult with experts to see what wrenches would be best for your car.

Tire Inflator

After getting a flat tire, a tire inflator gets your car moving from one location to another. Modern tools are easy to operate and designed to repair any brand from Bridgestone to Nissan tires. The features simply involve plugging a few parts into your car, attaching other parts to the tire, setting the PSI pressure, and sitting back while the machine does its work. Some devices include automatic timers, automatic pumps, and turn-off switches. Bring a tire and an inflator to prevent a flat tire stopping your drive.


Buying a set of screwdrivers in varying sizes. There are small, tight spaces in your car that require the use of very small tools. There are different types of screwdrivers available to consider. Ratchet screwdrivers have strong grips with interchangeable tips. Regardless of the type of screwdriver set you buy, make sure that you have different types of heads, firm rubber handles, and steel or chrome metal parts. Learn how to do common repairs beforehand. That way, if you run into a simple problem you’ll know exactly how to take care of it. If you find yourself overwhelmed by a problem, be sure to consult experts and take it into a repair shop.


Pliers are hand tools used to cut, bend or hold wires and other items in place. This tool is used in place of fingers and hands to handle dangerous or meticulous tasks. An example is gripping a surface in a far-to-reach area under the hood or undercarriage. The different types include side cutters, pincers, crimping pliers, and needle-nose or bent-nose pliers. The jaws vary in size based on the amount of pressure required for a task.

Every driver understands the importance of having a car in good condition. You don’t need to be an experienced mechanic to fix minor mechanical issues from flat tires to broken lights. There are countless DIY guides that teach drivers to make any and all types of repairs on the spot. First, have the right tools remain inside of the vehicle at all times. Then, have the knowledge you will need to put those tools to use.

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