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  • Tips to Buy Used Forklifts

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If you are on a budget and cannot afford to get a new forklift, you will probably be considering getting a second-hand one. It is possible to save some money here. However, if you are wondering where to buy forklift parts, then first do your diligence before making a final decision. But when it comes to buying used parts, you need to be careful. This is true when you want to buy anything that is used.

The following aims to help you choose good-quality used forklifts:

Check for damage

It is important to check the forklift to see if it has any damage. Look to see if there are any cracks, bends, and other signs of wear.

The most worrisome are cracks as these indicate early signs that the forks will have to be replaced anytime soon.

Some people forget to look at the heel of the particular fork blade. Check out its thickness carefully. When the back area of the blade is not matching with the thickness of the tool upright fork shank (the area of the fork that is connected to the carriage), the forks will then be worn.

Gaps in lift chains

When moving up from the forks, check along the mast to see if there are any cracks and welding marks where the cracks were fixed.

When there is a poor weld, this will impact the structural integrity of the specific mast.

At the time you are looking in the middle area of the mast, check out the lift chains to see if there are any missing and corroded links and pins.

Mast operation

You will need to see whether the mast operates smoothly. Tell the seller to raise the forks to a high enough height so that a second or even third mast can be extended.

If there is any hiccup in this procedure, then either the link chin requires fixing, the mast rollers may be worn or the mast rollers may not be lubricated and are not well-maintained.

When the mast rollers tend to be worn, these will have a lopsided shape that is more oval, as well as not having a perfect wheel.


The tires are also important and you need to get down to feel and look if there are any signs of chunking. It will seem like some bite has been taken out of this tire.

Tires are also in a rough shape when the tread will be below or be non-existent. Check out the wear line or also the safety line. When the tire looks worn past the line or seems close to it, the tires will have to be replaced.

For those tires that do not have a wear line, you should check out the lettering present on the sidewall of this tire. At the time that the lettering has reached the tire, it needs to be replaced.

The above are only some tips to be kept in mind if you want to get a used forklift. Buying second-hand tools is a risk and you have to be careful. You can end up with something great or something that is a headache. Try and buy from a reputed seller or dealer.

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