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  • Why Should You Maintain Your Forklift?

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Everything breaks down when you don’t put in proper maintenance to make them stay longer. Proper maintenance of forklifts is not only important to keep your machine healthy but also essential to prevent your operators from getting injured.

If you own a company that hires forklifts to those that need them, or you are even using the machine in your industry to carry heavy loads, then, of course, it becomes highly necessary that you secure the safety of the operators who are using the machine day and night.

A forklift that is a well-maintained machine will offer you peace of mind concerning safe service and reliability. A machine that you have neglected for a long time will break down more occasionally as you begin to use it again and will make you spend more money for a replacement.

Why spend more money to replace a forklift when you can inculcate periodic maintenance to make sure that the machine lasts longer? If you plan to get your money’s worth from forklifts and to help reduce field accidents, then regular maintenance is the way to go.

Keep in mind that a very important component of a forklift is the forks. It is the forks that are responsible for transporting heavy items with no stress. Hence, the forks must always be in good shape. Another very important component of your forklift is the brakes.

You can consider the brakes to be equivalent to the one your car uses. The forks and the brake need regular checks and inspection during forklift maintenance. The brakes play a very key role in the way your forklift performs.

The following reasons suggest why regular maintenance of your forklift is very important;

Maintaining Forklifts with regular frequency help to ensure secured and safe warehouse and factory operations

Gone are those days when heavy materials and loads in big companies are moved around with hands, ropes, pulleys, and cable – all thanks to forklifts that deliver people from stress. Imagine that you have to carry a metal plate that weighs around 500KG or a very big stone that weighs 200KG from one place to another in a company, you would be exhausted right? Yes, but now that forklifts are all over the place, you don’t need to worry about yourself that much.

Now, heavy stuff can be moved with no difficulty. Now, assuming that this forklift is not maintained and taken care of, it will get damaged right? Yes, and that would open your workers to work hazards which is not really good.

Forklifts are very easy to operate and work around with

When it comes to operation, forklifts come quite easy to drive. Forklifts are quite compact and can usually fit in little spaces. They are also quite easy to maneuver in various directions. With forklifts, carrying and dropping heavy items becomes a walk in the park.

Forklifts make your warehouse operations very efficient and reliable

When you don’t maintain your forklifts properly and they get damaged, what becomes affected the most is the production efficiency of your company. Forklifts allow operators to move loads around seamlessly with relatively no hassle to most locations that hands can’t even reach. If your forklift is working properly, you will be reducing the time needed to move your goods around your company’s facility. And in fact, reduced time would go a long way to improve productivity and boost efficiency.

Since your business is to increase the lifespan of the forklift, then it becomes necessary that you know how to maintain them. By ensuring that proper attention and care is provided for the machine, you are a step closer to getting the most out of it.

Here are tips that can guide you on how to maintain your forklift properly;

  • Change the oil as regularly as you can: Just like the car you drive, forklifts also require you to change their oil regularly. To increase the efficiency of the fuel inside the machine and prevent issues with combustion, it is important that you change the oil in the machine at least once every ninety (90) days. This will equally go a long way to improve the engine performance.
  • Check the tires regularly: If your aim is to limit the risk of having accidents with forklifts, then you should always check the tire pressure. The tires must not be underinflated or overinflated. Everything must be moderate.
  • Check the level of fluid: Do not overlook the importance of checking fluid level. Checking fluid level involve checking antifreeze, fuel, and hydraulics. Ensure that there are no leaks of fuel.
  • Check your brakes regularly: Check the brakes with increased frequency so that you will be able to quickly identify issues that need to be addressed rather quickly. It is highly encouraged that you hire the service of professional forklift service, like the Forklift repairs Brisbane, if brakes are affected.


Forklifts contribute a very important part of your factory or warehouse’s machinery. It is highly crucial that you take steps concerning the maintenance of your factory’s equipment including the forklifts. And that is why preventive maintenance is the right way to go.

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