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It is important to protect your vehicle against corrosion, bad weather, and scratches, as well as dirt. You can choose to buy covers for use inside garages and outdoors. Coverings can have various designs or they can be plain. Having your cover customized is a good option. However it is expensive. If you do not have the money to pay for this exercise, you can customize it yourself by using several techniques. The first step you should take is to decide what you want the cover to look like. You may want a logo or a certain design pattern. Begin by making a simple sketch of the design or logo on paper. If you are working with a cotton cover that is meant to be used indoor car cover it is advisable to use the tie and dye technique.

Use rubber bands or strings to hold the cover in place and dip it in a container with the dye. You should then leave it for the right amount of time. After that, you can rinse and then hang it outside to dry. To create the effect of tie and dye on an outdoor cover you should apply paint on a fabric that is waterproof. To imprint a logo, begin by making a template on a stencil. Position it and hold it in position using masking tape. If you are dealing with a cotton cover you can use a brush to paint on the fabric. If you are using a waterproof cover then you have to use paint that is water resistant.

You can also add embroidered fabrics on a cover. All you need to do is to find soft fabrics if it is made of cotton. If it is meant for outdoor purposes, you need waterproof fabrics. Attach them using big thread meant for embroidery. To print a design, start by printing it using a silk screen. For every color that is in the design you should create a different stencil template. After you are done you can begin by placing the first stencil on the cover using masking tape. The silk screen should then be placed on top. Spray paint on top of the design. Use a squeegee to spread the paint within the screen.

Ways to Keep Your Car Looking New Including Using a Car Cover

Buying a new car is a very expensive investment. One way to make sure it keeps looking just the way it did when you drove it off the showroom floor is by using protective covers. This is only one way though to keep it looking fresh and new. Investing a little time in the vehicle will make sure it lasts you many years, saving you money and time in the future. Make sure you are parking your car inside a garage or covered port. Keeping it from being over exposed to the sun can help prevent damage to the paint later in years. With too much heat exposure, paint can begin to warp, chip and peel, even though it is made for exposure to the elements. Also, keeping it covered will prevent it from getting damaged from water which can also ruin the paint of the car.

Wash your car at least once a month. This is especially important if you live in high salt areas like coastal areas or areas that get large amounts of snow and they salt the roads. Salt can cause rust damage to your vehicle and will eat away at its exterior within only a few years. This not only causes damage to the vehicles exterior, but can break down important parts that keep your vehicle running smoothly. Watch the weather. Don’t be out driving your vehicle during hail storms or big wind storms. You can easily get damage just from something being blown against it. Dents can not only damage the surface but can cause paint problems to pop up as well, more chipping and cracking.

Not only do you need to keep it looking new, but you need to make sure you are putting your car in the shop for general and routine maintenance. Having oil, oil filters and air filters should be changed according to your cars service manual. Also keeping the spark plugs right and making sure the belts are functioning properly will help insure your vehicle stay running the same way as when you first got it. Car covers, preventative maintenance, and proper storage are all ways to make sure your vehicle looks and runs the same way as when you first bought it. Make sure that large investment lasts you years by taking proper care of it every day. If you take good enough care of your vehicle, you may be able to pass it down through generations.

Why Get Car Seat Covers

If you’re going to buy a car, you’ll obviously want to be comfortable in it. This is especially true when you’re the type who likes to drive long distances. Even when you’re just driving around town, an uncomfortable seat, both for the driver and passengers, can be very stressful. Thus, it is important to have the right seat covers so everyone can feel relaxed during a trip. When choosing those seat covers, take into account a few things which will affect whatever products you end up buying. For example, if you have kids, you probably have to get covers that are made of durable fabric. With kids, you can expect accidental tears, especially when they go horsing around at the back of the car during a long trip. You can also expect spillages which mean you’ll have to wash those covers more often. If you have pets, the more you’ll have to get tough fabric. Still, you’ll want to make sure that the fabric is comfortable enough. One thing you don’t want to do is buy covers that can get in the way of your seat’s adjustments.

Different types of fabric that you can choose from for those seat covers include leather, neoprene, microfiber, velour, canvas and sheepskin, among others. This is a great way to practice your sense of fashion and taste. After all, your car won’t just be good for getting you around town. It is also somehow a reflection of who you are. Your personal identity is somehow attached to what you make of your car. Because not all cars will have the same shapes and sizes of their seats, it is best to have your car seat covers customized. This means you can have snug-fitting covers which are just perfect both for you, as driver or passenger, and for the seats. When you have those customized, you also enjoy great freedom with the design and the texture of the fabric that you want to use.

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