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  • CarGuard Administration: The Beauty of Vehicle Protection Plans

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Having the right coverage for a brand new or gently used car is one of the first things that people should take care of before driving off the lot. Not only is it required to get insurance coverage, but a vehicle protection plan can provide additional coverage for virtually anything else that could possibly go wrong on a vehicle.

Since a brand new car always comes with some sort of manufacturer’s warranty, is a vehicle protection plan actually necessary? While it’s common for people to get the two mixed up in some ways, a vehicle protection plan is different from a manufacturer’s warranty. It’s also different from an extended warranty or any other name out there.

What is a vehicle protection plan?

A vehicle protection plan from a company like CarGuard Administration acts as additional coverage for a car to cover any repairs or maintenance necessary. There are different plan coverages available, depending on how much a person wants to spend every month.

These go by the name vehicle protection plan but are also known as vehicle service contracts. They cover repair and maintenance services before and after a warranty expires. They help to cover the costs of the most expensive vehicle repairs or if something out of the ordinary happens.

What makes it different from a manufacturer’s warranty?

The similarities between a manufacturer’s warranty and a vehicle protection plan are enough to make it confusing for people to know the difference between the two.

They work in slightly different ways. Manufacturer warranties cover only a select amount of repairs, while vehicle protection plans cover everything from minor to major repairs.

A vehicle protection plan from companies like CarGuard Administration can go well beyond a limited number of years or mileage. A person can purchase a vehicle protection plan for a car that is ten years old and has 200,000 miles on it. That’s handy since most people have more problems with vehicles when they get older. It’s easy to keep up with vehicles when they are relatively new, but cars eventually start to break down.

Finding a trusting vehicle protection plan company

A picture of someone researching on their computer CarGuard Administration and other vehicle protection plan companies.

Someone Researching on their Computer

Vehicle protection plans can be purchased online in a matter of seconds for people who are interested in additional coverage. CarGuard Administration is one of the leaders in the industry, and they have been protecting cars of different values for several years.

Companies that have a great reputation online are always going to be the best ones to go with. They respond quickly to issues, find a resolution for the customer, and are easy to work with in general. Vehicle protection plans can sometimes be much faster than any type of insurance company when a person is in need.

Another advantage of working with vehicle protection plans is that they are so easy to reach out to. They know that issues can pop up at all times, so they need to be there when it matters most. Older vehicle protection plan companies might not be as responsive to major issues.

The other standout factors for CarGuard Administration and other leading companies

Some hidden benefits that people may not know right away with CarGuard Administration and other leading companies out there are that they make it very easy for the customer to have a great experience.

Plans are transferable to new cars when it comes time for an upgrade. This is a seamless process that can be done fairly easily so that there is no gap in coverage. Not having to start from scratch with a vehicle protection plan is nice.

CarGuard Administration is also adamant about offering flexibility with repair options. Many like to go to the repair shop of their choice to get back on the road. Too many other companies limit where people can go and make it an inconvenience to get fixes done.

Finally, they have a staff that will walk through the different options and explains which one works best. People are going to want to have very little redundancy when looking for coverage. If their insurance or manufacturer’s warranty already covers a lot of issues, getting the right fit with a vehicle protection plan saves money.

Is a vehicle protection plan worth the price?

Vehicle protection plans start at very low prices and are usually worth it as long as a person uses them once for something significant. Even having a little bit of extra peace of mind is beneficial for those who are on the road a lot. If a vehicle is essential for getting to and from work or school, it makes even more of a difference.

No one likes having to spend an extra amount of money every month to get more coverage. It might not seem like it’s worth it at first, but many customers end up very thankful that they opted in when they had the chance. That first bill that is approaching $1000 for a repair on a car without a vehicle protection plan can ruin anyone’s finances for a couple of months.

Still on the fence? The good news is that a decision doesn’t have to be made right when a vehicle is purchased. That’s the smartest move for the ultimate peace of mind, but it can be added to any existing car and go into effect shortly after. It’s better to take action early on instead of waiting until it’s too late.

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