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  • Red Shield Administration Sees Effects of Vehicle Chip Delay

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  • Published Date: April 26, 2022
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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of problems in many different industries. The vehicle industry was not spared by any means, as current drivers always want safe, quality driving options.

Vehicle chip shortages have caused a lot of trouble with the production of new cars. Companies are finding it more and more challenging to produce new vehicles, while used ones are not getting the proper repairs necessary if they need a new chip.

Red Shield Administration has felt the vehicle chip shortage much like other companies. Consumers face challenges, and that includes keeping all vehicles running just right. Their recommendation of counting on a vehicle protection plan is becoming more and more mainstream.

Ongoing Repair Delays

If a car needs any type of work done that involves a chip, it’s likely going to be a pretty big delay. Companies are dealing with pretty heavy vehicle chip shortages, and that problem could end up costing the consumer quite a bit of money.

A vehicle protection plan helps to cover many different repairs for car owners. Instead of being out of the vehicle for a long time, help is efficient. Not all repair delays are avoidable, but a protection plan with a company like Red Shield Administration helps as much as possible.

New Car Production Issues

Many companies have struggled to keep up with car production during the pandemic. Chip shortages have created a lack of inventory, driving prices up. There have been bidding wars on certain vehicles, which was unheard of a few years ago.

The price of a new car is scaring off many consumers, especially when they are dealing with other pandemic-related issues. Inflation is soaring across the board, contributing to people holding onto older cars a little bit longer. Holding onto their older vehicle ensures that they can still have reliable transportation, even though they might normally be ready to make an upgrade.

All this adds to drivers being more vulnerable to something going wrong since they are driving older cars. That’s when a vehicle protection plan from a company like Red Shield Administration could come in handy. There are so many different types of coverage plans available so that people get exactly what they need.

When the time comes to upgrade to a new car, a vehicle protection plan from Red Shield Administration can be transferred over. Some might not think that they need this type of plan for a brand-new car, but anything can happen on the road.

When is the Vehicle Chip Shortage Supposed to End?

It’s hard to predict exactly when the vehicle chip shortage will end. Some believe that by the end of 2022, companies will get back to normal for the most part. Others think that this could linger on more and more.

The harsh reality is that issues are always bound to pop up that cause shortage from time to time. Having vehicle service contracts ensures people can handle anything thrown their way.

Will the Trend to Hold onto Older Cars Continue?

A picture of an older car with a vehicle protection plan serviced by Red Shield Administration.

Yellow Color Toyota Older Car

Even if the vehicle chip shortage comes to an end, it’s evident that consumers have changed their minds a bit in the last couple of years. As some families face the reality of getting back on their feet, they are holding onto older vehicles in ways like never before.

The cost of nearly everything has gone up in the last year, and a brand new car might not be in the budget. Getting an extra year or two out of an older car is much easier with a vehicle protection plan providing coverage.

Can Vehicle Protection Plans Help During the Chip Shortage?

As more people hold onto their old vehicles than ever before, it’s essential to have the proper protection to keep them running smoothly. The longer people hold onto their cars, the less likely it is that they have any type of manufacturer’s warranty on it. The good news is that a vehicle protection plan can help offset a lot of the ensuing costs.

Referred to as a manufacturer’s warranty by some, vehicle protection plans are not the same thing. It helps to cover some of the regular maintenance costs that keep a car running smoothly. It’s better to think of a vehicle protection plan as something that can operate next to a manufacturer’s warranty to provide more comprehensive coverage.

Red Shield Administration is one of the leading vehicle protection plan companies in the United States. They offer a variety of customized solutions so that people always get the coverage they are hoping to get. By being able to customize solutions, people don’t have to worry about potentially paying for coverage they already have from another policy.

Even when the chip shortage goes away, more and more drivers realize that vehicle protection plans are worth the cost. It essentially smooths out the repairs and regular maintenance expenses for a car.

Instead of paying a high cost when an unexpected car repair comes up, a monthly premium keeps prices down. With so many surprises due to the pandemic, it’s nice to have a reliable vehicle protection plan to fall back on.

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