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  • Veritas Global Protection Shares Its Company Values

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Almost every company you come across has a logo, motto, mission, vision, and company values. However, how companies conduct their business may not align with their company values.

Recently, Elijah Norton, the founder, president, and executive chairman of Veritas Global Protection attributed the company’s success to the ability of the 50+ members of staff to uphold the company values.

In less than a decade, the company has grown from a small business employing just two people to a business with a global presence with over $100 million in annual revenues.

The company also employs thousands indirectly, through dealerships, partners, and agents. Veritas Global Protection offers vehicle protection plans for different types of clients.

Their plans provide clients with peace of mind because Veritas Global Protection will pay for any repairs and maintenance services they require.

Essential Products Offered by Veritas

Exotic Vehicle Protection Plans

This unique vehicle protection plan is designed specifically for high-end foreign vehicles. These plans will suit you best if you own a high-end sports car, SUV, or limousine.

Some of the exotic brands that Veritas Global Protection covers include; Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari, and Rolls-Royce, but there are many others.

If you own any of these brands, you must compare the three exotic vehicle protection plans offered by Veritas Global Protection to ensure you choose the best one for your needs. The three plans are; exotically preferred, exotic deluxe, and exotic premier.

Electric Vehicle Protection Plans

Electric cars have become more reliable and robust than they used to be. That is why they have received widespread adoption globally. Whether you own a fully electric car or a hybrid, you can purchase a suitable vehicle protection plan from Veritas Global Protection.

This plan covers battery replacement, motor repairs, inverter repairs, and replacement, among other things. Be sure to read your policy document before making a decision.

Company Values of Veritas Global Protection

Veritas Global Protection has a unique set of company values that distinguishes the company from its competitors. The entire team, from the receptionists to the company executives, must adhere to the company’s values. The company also partners with firms that adhere to its values listed below.


Transparency is the most critical company value—honesty and integrity help to build trust in the vehicle protection industry. The company is committed to telling the truth, whether complicated. The company believes in clear communication between all parties involved.


Veritas Global Protection is committed to responding quickly to calls from its clients. The team at the company always responds fast to questions, queries, and concerns raised by clients and other stakeholders.

When you call the company’s offices, someone is always there to pick up your call. As competitors focus on answering machines to respond to calls, Veritas Global Protection is committed to having every call answered.

When the company undertakes to do something, they usually do it fast. Getting things done as quickly as possible is crucial in building excellent customer relations and retaining customers.


The key to survival and success in an industry known for cut-throat competition lies in constant innovation. The company believes in constant innovation to develop new products and services to meet the emerging needs of clients.

The company’s excellent example of innovation is the electric vehicle protection plans offered. Veritas Global Protection was one of the first companies to offer vehicle protection plans specifically designed for electric vehicles.


A picture of a group of friends listening to each other, like Veritas Global Protection listens to its customers.

Girls Enjoy in their Free Time

The key to effective communication is listening with the intent of understanding what the other person is saying. The company always considers all the ideas pitched to them by their partners.

This approach is one of the things fueling the company’s continued success. In addition to listening to its partners, the company also listens to its customers.

Sustainable Solutions

While innovation and listening can take a company far, Veritas Global Protection understands that every innovation or product they offer must be sustainable.

There is a need to strike a balance between the risks associated with the solutions provided by the company and their sustainability. This is because the company does not want to put itself as well as its partners in a precarious financial situation. Sustainable solutions create stability in the industry.

Global Thinking

The world has become a global village, and people have become global citizens. For this reason, Veritas Global Protection believes in offering products and services that suit clients in all parts of the world. This kind of global thinking is what has contributed to the immense success of Elijah Norton and the Veritas Global Protection team.

Happy Customers

Everyone at the company understands the importance of happy clients and partners. If clients are not happy, the company will not be able to fulfill its obligations.

If partners are not happy, the company will not be able to fulfill its obligations. When you call the company, you will get a response whether you want to file a claim or report an issue.

Since 2011, Elijah Norton has steered the company from a small startup to a multinational company with million-dollar revenues. The company now serves customers in Canada, Mexico, the United States, the European Union, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

This is a testament to Veritas Global Protection’s global thinking. With Elijah Norton at the helm, more incredible things are expected.

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