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  • 5 Beautiful Logo Examples to Use for Inspiration

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Brand consistency and recognition help a business thrive.

If you’re a business owner, it’s important to create marketing that consumers are drawn to. Use exciting visual content on your site and social media, and create a slogan everyone adores. Oh, don’t forget a logo!

Designing a logo requires plenty of planning and time. It can be tricky to design a logo if you’ve never tried graphic design.

Do you need some inspiration for your logo? We have 5 awesome logo examples to check out below.

1. Ferrari

The Ferrari logo is known around the globe. This is for good reason.

Using the Italian flag as part of the design connects the brand with its origin country- creating pride in the country name. The yellow is bright and noticeable, and it looks great with the classic Ferrari red. People everywhere know horses as powerful and fast.

Ferrari’s use of symbolism is unmatched.

2. Nike

You might be thinking, “What’s so great about Nike’s logo?”

The Nike logo is one of the most easily recognized logos thanks to the iconic swoosh. The swoosh, whether used with the name or standing alone as a pictorial mark, is loved by athletes all over the world.

It’s a minimalistic design and easy to print on shoes and t-shirts. Even though it’s simple, it’s unique enough to pick out from a distance. Less is more.

3. McDonald’s

Known as the best lettermark logo in the corporate world, we’ve all come to love McDonald’s golden arches.

This logo is a creative use of a letter, and its bright yellow color is easily found amongst busy cities and vast countrysides. The curvature of the ‘M’ creates a feeling of ease due to not using the typical harsh angles of the letter.

Creating a logo doesn’t have to be as intricate as you think! Start with the letters of your company as a jumping-off point for ideas. Don’t forget you can use a free logo maker for some extra help.

4. Coca-Cola

We love this wordmark logo because of the confidence of the company. This logo has received only minor tweaking since the bubbly drink’s creation. The company knew the cursive Coca-Cola text would be timeless.

The loops of the letters in the cursive text create a sense of playfulness- often seen within the brand’s marketing. The red and white are simple but quickly recognized around the world.

5. Disney

Disney’s logo uses a unique cursive font to spell the name. It isn’t complicated, but it’s quirky enough to stand out from other companies.

The company’s consistency with the logo is what really has scored them a home run. You see the logo across toys, t-shirts, Disney parks, and movies. It’s almost like you can’t escape it!

Because the ‘D’ is so unique in the logo, it can be used alone and remain recognizable.

Be Inspired: The Best Logo Examples

Creating a logo for your brand puts a lot of pressure on the designer. The logo of a company holds a lot of weight in marketing. Check out the best logo examples mentioned above to aid your logo brainstorming.

Try out a pictorial mark as found in Nike’s logo. Give a lettermark logo a try as McDonald’s did. You can also use symbols people around the world will recognize, such as Ferrari.

For more life inspiration, check out the rest of our site. We offer plenty of inspiration for health, entertainment, and lifestyle.

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