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Wherever you look, there’s inspiring content pointing you this way and that, making a home build project much more complicated than it needs to. Do you choose a minimal build, an edgy shape, or do you stick with the classics and go with tried and tested building styles? Only you know the direction to take your next home build, so let’s discuss how you can find inspiration, and then harness it into a unique concept, and what you should keep an eye on when planning.

Lean on the experts

It’s unlikely that you will have a robust understanding of every detail you want in your new built, but instead the bones of what you are hoping to achieve which some stylistic details in mind. By engaging professional designers and builders like Wisdom Homes, you can lean on their expertise and have a building plan put forward to you, with the ability to customise what you wish. Amateur builders will always find that a full-service building team will come with industry prices on materials and tools, and the flexibility to start projects quicker than what it would be to rely upon a handyman. Don’t be the unlucky statistic that starts a full-scale build without checking the zoning and foundation of your land, and has to stop and soon as you start. Working with a professional team will avoid any circumstances such as this and allow you to builder faster and more efficiently.

Do your research and identify what style best represents you

It’s time to stop mindlessly scrolling from design porn, and start capturing what stylistic elements you want to bring to your build. You can seek inspiration in home magazines, Pinterest, home Instagram accounts and even by driving around neighbourhoods and snapping what you like. You may even find that you want to emulate the lighting and outdoor courtyard that you have seen in your favourite restaurant or cafe, or even in a movie or television show. Centralise this inspiration, and put it somewhere you see each day so you can start to learn what you like and what those ideas might continue to inspire.

Get a building budget in place

A building budget might not be the sexiest topic, but it is going to allow your wildest dreams to see the light of day. And while you might not think this connects to your inspiration, it does when you know how much you have to work with and how elaborate your plans can be. This budget should include your materials, equipment, professional contractors, the costs that might be associated with your building timeline (licenses, alternate accommodation, etc). Try and put more money away for your build than is required, as you want to account for any incidents and have the opportunity to change course if you wish to. If you are lucky enough to have friends or family who work in the industry, show them your budget and see if they think you are on the right track, have too much, or have underestimated the commitment.

Build on what you already have

If you are not sure which way to point your inspiration, try and start with what you already have. If your home is a classic build and you’re looking at revamping the insides, try and draw from that classic look and feel with a modern twist. If your home has an industrial atmosphere, you can build on this by opening up rooms and creating a ‘warehouse’ feel which is open and lofty. This is not only an affordable option but one that won’t undo all the design integrity you have established over the years or small and larger renovation work.

Inspiration doesn’t have to be passive, you can have an active role in the inspiration of your new build and can find it through a number of mediums. It’s also important that you don’t have your blinkers on in this planning process, and fully understand the budget and timeline of this undertaking.

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