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Having paid leaves during this time of the year is a blessing, and for those who simply can’t stay put at one place for too long, traveling during the pandemic can breathe new life into them.

The pandemic has no doubt rigged our lives and devastated millions of lives across the planet. People lost their jobs, businesses were forced into closures, and kids are staying home while adapting to remote learning. It’s a lot to take in for sure, which is why many of you are looking for a breakaway.

According to a recent study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the United Nations World Tourism Organization predicts a decrease of 20% to 30% in international tourism receipts in 2020. This roughly amounts to anywhere around $300 to $450 billion.

However, this was indeed expected because even diseases like Malaria within a country have been observed to reduce tourism by 47%. However, having said that, for those who simply cannot stand staying at home any longer, there are no leashes built to hold them indoors.

Safety Precautions are a Must while traveling during pandemic!

The World Health Organization clearly defines and provides resolute recommendations for international travelers. While you can go through the complete guideline online, there are some things that take precedence over others that I too will like to reinforce.

For instance, performing hand hygiene and that too frequently should be considered as compulsive behavior but as your best practice.

Therefore, having a bar of soap or alcohol-based hand rubs would be best. COVID-19 disease spreads through direct contact, so its best that you wipe and clean your possessions and everyday gadgets or tools.

And since you are on a pocket-friendly tour, you will opt a public transport. So you should be extra careful.

recommendation using public transportation during pandemic

Recommendation using Public Transportation during Pandemic

On the other hand, you should also consider covering your nose and mouth. Sounds too much right but honestly compromising on health safety during a life-threatening pandemic evades all logic. Plus ample amount of paper tissues can really come in handy during coughing and sneezing.

Secondly, you should also consider touching the nose and mouth when on the move, outdoors, and not within confined places. Lastly, you should always consider monitoring yourself for 14-days if you think there are some symptoms that are worrying you.

With that out of the way, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways through which you can make your trip during COVID-19 an awesome experience under a budget.

Capture Clicks – Immortalize Moments

Perhaps one of the best things to do when going on a trip is to make sure that you take a ton of photos. This will help you cherish memorable moments and immortalize them.

Go on your own and no need to invest a lot amount on hiring professionals. This will not only save your money but will also help you explore the beauty on your own.

Capture clicks of the most breathtaking views, popular venues, and exotic scenery. If you are traveling with friends or family, make sure to take photos in different and creative poses.

family day tour

Family Day Tour

Let your character shine and add more life to your clicks. Plus take several clicks as when it comes to taking pictures the general rule is “the more, the merrier”. Some people are camera-shy, but even that is no excuse not to take pictures and create a documentary of sorts to reflect on later when your trip is over.

Music Never Gets Old

Melodies and Songs speak the language of the universe. Music is a great companion for travelers, and if you’re traveling during the pandemic as a group, then popular sing-alongs are great to make things even more enjoyable. However, do not forget about the Corona safety precautions while you are with a group.

Every person out there has their own taste in music, and some prefer one genre above all others. You can create a playlist of all of your favorite artists and tracks.

It doesn’t matter if you cannot afford a band that could be with you if you are traveling with a tour agency. But, along with your friends, you can have your own moments.

melodies and songs during outing

Melodies and Songs during Outing

Instead of simply listening alone, which in itself is an amazing and soothing experience, you can occasionally turn up the beat on car speakers or digital devices to let others join in on the fun. Sharing music is also a great way to break the ice and make new friends.

Make Most of Sunrises and Sunsets

There are two magical instances every single day no matter wherever you go, and those are known as sunrises and sunsets.

Capturing these two moments in their full glory are blessed upon only the luckiest of people. Most of us sleep too late and thus get out of bed late as well, thus catching a sunrise becomes a tricky business.

However, sunsets can be much more manageable. Regardless of whatever mode of travel you choose, sunrises and sunsets are just simply amazing to behold.

sunrises and sunsets

Sunrises and Sunsets

They fill up the emptiness inside one soul. Plus sharing these moments with a partner is probably one of the most romantic things you can possibly do.

Camp Out in the Open (at least once) – Best for traveling during the pandemic

If you are traveling by road, then make it a point to place camp in the outdoors at least once. It will change your perspective about life and teach you a lot in return.

Don’t be hasty when it comes to picking a camping site, take your time and make sure that the place is well secure and safe for the night or the duration you plan to stay.

picking a camping site

Picking a Camping Site

It will also save your money on a pocket-friendly tour. Hotels are charging high amount during COVID 19, so I will advise you to keep a camp with you.

Prioritize water, food, and other necessities while also scanning for nearby hazards. If you are choosy, then let your instincts guide you to make the best decision.

You may be required to pack additional camping kit for yourself and fellow travelers. In the end, don’t forget to gaze at the stars in the sky above and ponder over your own existence as well as the vastness of the universe itself.

Don’t Miss Out on Landmarks or Heritage Sites

Once you are adamant about traveling, then it is up to you to either stick with a classical route or picks out an unconventional path. In the end, you must visit and explore some historical landmarks or heritage sites.

Plan out your trip in such a way so that you end up visiting enthralling and exciting new places or venues. This world has tons of scenic beauty to offer.

It makes a world of difference to see them in experience them in reality. Many of these popular places have the ability to rejuvenate the spirit of adventure in you.

So explore a lot rather than staying indoors. Many students would also opt for professional assignment help in order to make their own plans for visiting historical landmarks and vintage sites.


Many places across the world are gradually opening their doors towards international tourists and travelers. However, the majority of Europe is still observing a strict lockdown and measures to prevent travelers from going abroad or visitors entering the countries from abroad.

Nevertheless, there are still many places that have started welcoming visitors, go online and read about them before you make any further plans. Have a safe trip and always prioritize safety precautions when traveling during the pandemic. Bon Voyage!

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