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Salalah Adventure Tours Oman is an adventure prestigious tour service provider company. We help people to make their tour outside their country, from the remote, exotic, and hostile areas to the highest mountain peaks, great deserts, forest views, where they have never been before. To make them explore the fascinating spots, beautiful landscapes and remarkable views in Salalah. We ensure our guests have a relaxing, stress freevacation. We choose the best safe and secure spots for tourists with eye-catching sights and adventurous vibes. The tour involves Tour Guide, Luxury Car, Accommodation Facilities, and Sightseeing Places Visit.

We can arrange excursions and tailor them to meet your specific requirements for your tour. We help the tourist that has motivation to maintain their mental states by stepping out of their comfort zone and experiencing the natural beauty of this world. We engage the tourist in different adventure activities such as mountaineering, trekking, mountain biking, cycling, canoeing, rafting, hiking, exploring, sandboarding, caving and rock climbing to make your Oman Tours memorable and more exciting.

Oman is a land full of geographical formation, ancient civilization, and historical places with Salalah vacation packagesWe provide you the opportunity to customized your own tour. So step out from your comfort zone and explore the nature waterfalls snorkeling in Oman. Tourism is a very important part of your life. Tourism is all about experiencing new landscapes, connecting with the people of new cultures and keeping yourself physically active and fresh at the same time.

Importance of Adventure Tourism

Adventure tours are leisure activities that take you to unusual, remote, wilderness destinations. Tend to provide you with a high level of outdoor activities that include excitement, tranquility, and be a personal tester of yourself. Tourism is basically the interaction of an individual with the nature, environment, and culture away from his usual place. There are two types of Adventure Tourism hard and soft adventure.

salalah oman adventure tourism

Salalah Oman Adventure Tourism

Hard Adventure:

It requires advanced skills, Professional guidance, as it involves activities with higher risk. Such as mountain/rock climbing, caving, etc.

Soft Adventure:

It is for beginners with low levels of risk factor activities. Such as hiking, horse riding, biking, etc.

Salalah Adventure Tours Oman provides you both. Whether you’re a beginner or professional. We have professional guides/Drivers with enormous knowledge of culture and history. Spoke several other languages that facilitate contact with customers with their convenience language. We have Salim Hobes senior tour adviser, Naseeb Bin Amerexpert in fishing, snorkelling, knowledge of history. Haitham AL Mashikhi 10 years’ experience in jeep driving, Salim Al Kathiri history lover, guide you for culture. They will guide you 100% and make your holidays special.

Things to do in salalah Holidays in salalah

Travel with us to find happiness within yourself. We will make your tour worthy, with the wide experience in organizing the tours. We offer exclusive packages for couples, vacations and business trips at very reasonable prices. There are many things to do in Salalah and make your vacations unforgettable. We have water activities, adventure visits, Desert tours, Hiking, Beautiful beaches tours, Water boating, horse riding and much more. A proper guide will be provided to the beginners and help they experience the new activities.


Experience the best long energetic walk with nature around on hiking with our professional guides. Always take time from your busy life for hiking to feel good. Hiking may encounter you with the new experience of life with nature, slippery dirt, hanging branches, hidden rock etc.


salalah water boating

Salalah Water Boating

Get the best leisurely water boating ride with us. Get yourself away from your hustle and bustle life and get the freedom to go anywhere. It is one of the best remedies to reduce your stress.


salalah horse riding

Salalah Horse Riding

Take a break and experience the fresh air with the pleasure of horse riding. We ensure to have our equestrian to experience the best ride ever.


salalah striking scenery

Salalah Striking Scenery

Salalah tour is chock full enthusiasts views of waterfalls, Breezy coastlines, Forest peaks. You may need a second trip to fully visit all in.


girl sitting on rock seeing salalah beach

Girl Sitting on Rock Seeing Salalah Beach

Visit the beautiful beaches with us where the soft sand Touches the bottom of your feet. And the sea breeze strokes your hair gently.

salalah oman beach

Salalah Oman Beach


Get your personal watercraft and experience the exciting high speed water ride with us.


Trekking with us keeps you away from your daily life activities and provides the pleasure of discovering new things in mountains, deserts and urban environments.


person on boat holding fish salalah oman

Person on Boat Holding Fish Salalah Oman

We have places for fishing for the fishing lovers. Fishing plays an important role, it offers you the opportunity to improve yourself by setting your fishing goals. Helps you to get out from your busy routine and relieve some stress.


Discover the Arabian Sea with us by watching the habitat of underwater creatures with snorkeling experts. Snorkeling is much safer and a combination of entertainment plus relaxation and make your holidays special.


boat sunset view salalah oman

Boat Sunset View Salalah Oman

We have the perfect plan for you to spend your summer holidays with the chilling view of sunset that gives pleasure and new energy.

desert sunset view salalah oman

Desert Sunset View Salalah Oman


Explore and enhance your tour experience by discovering the west and east part of salalah tour and discover the 1000 landscapes.

Salalah Holidays Salalah Vacation Packages

Have a look at our Oman Tour Packages that are just made for you. Whether you are willing to have a trip with your friend, family or with your colleague. We have a perfect package for you. You can also customized your package by just telling us your needs and budget. All packages contain the tour Guide, Luxury Car, Accommodation Facilities, Sightseeing Places Visit. We are here to make your trip more and more beautiful. Get our free tour guide by visiting our website or by contacting us. Our packages include:


We have the best couple tour packages for you. We guide you to choose the perfect tour plan for your partner to have the quality time and make it memorable.


If you are planning to have a family trip you are in the right place. We will guide you to make your vacations worthwhile. We respect our customers and make sure to serve you the best services which we promise to provide.


Travel is a therapy and you need this therapy every weekend. We help to make your weekend special with the perfect weekend tour package that suits you. You can also customize your package and make it perfect for you.


Nothing brings a group together as a group tour does. To all the adventure lovers we have made a perfect plan for you that exceeds your expectations. Group Pack includes trekking, diving, snorkeling and much more. We are only satisfied when our customers are happy.


In a mood to travel? Try our desert trips that exist with camels and mountains around. Our pack contains all the necessary things you would ask for. Let us organize a perfect trip for you.

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