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  • 5 Outdoor Summer Activities worth Trying This Year

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Summer is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy all that nature offers. With the pandemic still in full swing, outdoor activities have become more popular. In this blog post, we’ll explore five outdoor summer activities worth trying this year. Whether you’re an avid outdoors person or a newcomer to outdoor recreation, these activities will surely provide fun and adventure for everyone.


Hunting is a fantastic summer activity for those seeking an adrenaline rush. With options for big and small game, along with a plethora of weapons from retailers such as Tombstone Tactical, there is something for everyone. Before embarking on your hunting adventure, be sure to check with your state’s wildlife agency to gain an understanding of the rules and regulations. It’s important to note that most states require a hunting license and adhere to specific seasons for various games. Additionally, it’s essential to prioritize safety by becoming thoroughly acquainted with your equipment and knowing how to handle firearms properly. Taking these precautions is crucial for a successful and enjoyable hunting experience.


For those seeking a serene outdoor adventure, hiking may be just the ticket. Throughout state parks and national forests, numerous hiking trails can be appreciated at one’s own leisurely pace. Hiking is suitable for all levels, whether familiar or unfamiliar with the terrain, as trails are varied in length and difficulty. Preparing oneself for the journey ahead is essential by donning suitable shoes and clothing and bringing ample snacks and water. To be ethical hikers, one should bear in mind the principle of “leave no trace,” ensuring the natural habitat remains and packing out everything brought in. Hiking offers a remarkable opportunity to enjoy nature while keeping one’s body active and healthy.


Camping is an excellent way to escape city life and immerse oneself in the outdoors. Whether one is an experienced backpacker or a novice car camper, there is a camping experience for everyone. It is important to remember that each campsite may have its own rules and regulations, so it is essential to become familiar with them before embarking on the adventure. Additionally, it is imperative to follow Leave No Trace principles to ensure that the environment retains its natural beauty for generations. Lastly, nature can be home to pesky bugs, so it is essential to bring proper gear, such as bug spray, to keep insects at bay. Camping is truly an experience and an opportunity to disconnect from technology and bask in the beauty of the natural world.


Fishing is a popular pastime for those seeking a peaceful way to enjoy the outdoors on a summer day. Whether anglers prefer the calm of a lake or the flowing waters of a river, there’s always the potential for reeling in a big catch. However, those looking to embark on a fishing trip should take the time to familiarize themselves with their state’s regulations. Most states require a fishing license and enforce certain rules related to catch limits and methods. Additionally, catch and release practices can help preserve fish populations for future generations to enjoy.


If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled outdoor activity, kayaking may be for you. Kayaking provides a chance to explore waterways from a different perspective. Whether kayaking on a lake or a river, there’s always the chance to see wildlife and stunning scenery. Wear a life jacket and familiarize yourself with the water conditions before beginning. And don’t forget to bring sunscreen and plenty of water.

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and explore all nature offers. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoors person or just beginning to explore recreational activities, these five outdoor summer activities are worth trying. From hunting and hiking to camping, fishing, and kayaking, there’s a way to experience nature perfect for everyone. Be sure to follow safety guidelines, respect the environment, and, most importantly, have fun!

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