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Gaming is extremely popular today with the advancement of technology and with the rapidly changing atmosphere today there are people who enjoy playing gaming to another extent and this extent has been balanced with the ever-growing increase in the number of games that are coming across today.

As the numbers of games are increasing, the numbers of people who are playing the game are increasing. Nevertheless, if I ask you which game is your favorite or out of all the games which game is the most popular, then you may not remember the numerous amounts of games that have come but you may remember the selected few. Clash of Clans is one such game that has been so high successful in terms of its monetary appreciation as well as the number of people who are hooked onto this game that this game will definitely strike your mind on the idea of successful games.

Supercell, the creator of Clash of Clans has given us the amazingly fine game that keeps us interested in it for days and days to go and we keep on getting more involved in the game as time goes on but then, a question definitely comes across. What is so extraordinary about this game and why has it been so successful?

Firstly, this game is free so you can just go on the App Store on your phone and download it and this is the main reason why it is so popular as well. This idea of not taking any money for downloading the game is actually helping in widening the number of people who can actually reach out to the game. Thus, more people can check out the game, get addicted to the game eventually, and enjoy the game in its entirety.

Yes of course there are some purchases that you can make while you are playing in the application itself but yet again this is up to your discretion whether you want to buy them or not . The striking feature of this game is how the inspiration has been taken from age’s old system of attacking and defending kingdoms. The idea is very old and this culmination of an old ideology with an extremely interesting twist of technology and advancement is something that’s appealing to all the age groups today.

This game requires you to initially try to earn the coins that are in terms of gold currency and then you are supposed to build your own village and as you build your village there will be people who want to attack your village. There are times when you defend your village or when you end up attacking somebody else’s village and this helps you to keep earning currency and trophies. As you get higher, you get towards the ultimate aim that is to reach towards the champion trophy. This makes you reach that point when your excitement for the game keeps moving on and therefore your rush towards winning it increases leaving you thrilled. We come to a point where we imagine why this game is so addictive and what makes it so interesting for the people to actually invest their time in this game despite just downloading it.

The first thing that people love about this game is the restricted time that you have in order to complete your objective. The time rush is something that all the fans enjoy today, we like to get the thrill of finishing our task in a restricted time, and this is like an accomplishment to us. So this game has very intelligently brought smaller sections of game play wherein you can get your objective fulfilled. It also brings to the notion of being able to attack in order to defend yourself and in the process bring forth many exciting and thrilling stages that collaboratively leads towards a winning the game.

The good part about this game is that it is easy to understand and learn to play. Once you get into the game, you have so many different strategies to choose, so many different ways to expand that you automatically gain interest in the game and this is the reason why this game is also getting high popularity day by day.

When you feel that you do not know the next step the game gets exciting and this is exactly what clash of clans is all about. You have absolutely no idea of what you’re going to face next and this is what brings the competitive edge of the people on the game.

The great part is that you do not have to play Clash of Clans alone but you can actually have a lot of your friends playing along with you. Yes this game has an interesting ability to not only play by the computer again but you can also enjoy an online game with all your friends also playing along with you, making it an even more interesting game to play.

This game along with all the fun is also easy to download it is also free. The fact that you can play this game along with your friends on the multiplayer system makes you to get more friends and the audience increases, thus making the base increase. the unpredictability, the excitement around the game that surrounds it ends up bringing a great amount of people to play this game. Lastly and most importantly, this game also has an exciting element of using strategies as a culmination of old ideology with advancing technology. With all these features, this game stands out from the rest very well and conveniently, you can play Clash of Clans on your PC too for a better experience and increased enjoyment on a larger screen.

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