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You may be amazed to see the options available out there when you are getting on to buy a custom couch cover for your sofa. The categorization in this sector is usually done based on the size, design, and the back shape of the couch. Some are the distinct choices in couch covers that are abundantly available at the online stores, whereas some are restricted to custom made. In this article, we will explore the major types of couch covers. To make an appropriate choice of couch and sofa cover, you need first to understand the types of sofas. Further, we will discuss various standard types of couches available in the market, knowing which you will choose the appropriate kind of covers for the same.

Types of couches

1. Armchair

This is the type of sofa which is so popular from the 16th century onwards. This design comes under the category of benches, stools, and chest types of seating positions. Now, there are armchairs of all sizes and shapes, which act as a luxurious sofa to accommodate a single person. Now, there are recliner armchairs too, and some even with massage options. There are many stretchable couch covers available to be put on armchairs.

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2. The Loveseat

A loveseat is another form of a cozy couch, which is much prettier than a regular sofa. It may be a bit smaller than the sofa but now comes in 2-seater, 3-seater variants. There are custom couch covers available for the same online, and you may also get the same from the local upholstery shop. Always ensure that you take proper measurements of your loveseat before considering a cover.

sofa cover

Sofa Cover

3. Modular Sofa

Modular or sectional sofas are slightly different than the fundamental couch design. This is a fine combination of sofa pieces that are put together to form an optimized seating arrangement in the living room. This kind of modular arrangement makes good sense in larger families. Sectional sofas will offer more flexibility in expanding the seating sizes and capacity. It is also easy to downsize it by removing one or more modules if you want to find more space in the living room for some other purpose.

4. Sofa cum beds

Also known as Futons or Clik-claks, sofa beds are not a crowd-pleaser, but a highly functional piece of furniture for any household. Sofa beds serve the purpose of a couch and also as a sleeping space when you have additional guests at home. With the increasing trend of studio apartments, sofa beds are a much needy piece of furniture in limited living spaces. There are many cozy and comfortable options available in this category now. The branded furniture makers are offering standard size futons, and you can find standard couch covers also to be put on the same.

Other available couch models are the classic round armed sofa, retro square sofa, hard wedge arm sofa, rounded wedge sofa, sloped arm sofa, etc. You may need to take proper measurements or get an upholstery consultant’s assistance to get the appropriate dimensions of couch covers to buy.

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