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  • Essential Steps to Find and Evaluate Business Insurance

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Business insurance is an important consideration for any company. It can shield against significant financial loss and keep your company afloat. Some types are legally required by the state, while others are simply good to have. If you aren’t sure what types you need or how to compare them, follow these steps.

Consider What Insurance You Need

Your first step should be to evaluate your needs and where insurance could offer you needed protection. When it comes to business insurance that is legally mandated, such as commercial car insurance and workers compensation insurance, you will need to buy it no matter what although having more coverage than the minimum required can make you better prepared to cover losses. Beyond that, you need to consider the need for optional types of insurance, such as liability insurance, errors & omissions insurance and other varieties.

Consult a Professional Insurance Agent

Your next step should be to start gathering quotes and looking for available insurance options. You can do this by looking online but it is often better to consult with a professional insurance agent who can offer you personalized advice for the coverage you should have based on your situation. They can also tailor an individual or umbrella policy to meet your needs. Some are even located within a bank that caters to businesses for greater convenience.

Look at Deductibles and Coverage Limits

Two of the most important factors to evaluate when looking at different business insurance options are deductibles and coverage limits. The deductible is the amount you agree to pay before insurance coverage kicks in, while coverage limits are the maximum amount the policy will cover. Coverage limits are usually reset on an annual basis, though some types of insurance have a lifetime or per-claim deductible. A higher deductible usually means a lower monthly premium, which can make the insurance more affordable in your budget, but a problem if you have to come up with a large deductible out of pocket if something happens.

Shop For The Best Policy

Like with your own private insurance, you should shop around for rates to see where you can get the best deal. This is where you will most closely evaluate your premiums, or the amount you pay every month to keep the policy in place, although you also need to compare the benefits of each policy. Cheaper isn’t always better. You should aim to get a policy you can afford that will actually cover your financial losses in the event of a claim.

Business insurance can be tricky to navigate but it’s important to get right as the viability of your business could depend on it. Take the time to research your options and shop for the best deal. If you do, you will be in the best possible position to avoid financial ruin.

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