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  • 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Corporate Movers

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Corporate promotions may involve moving to a new location. A corporate relocation occurs when your employer pays for your moving expenses. In addition, businesses sometimes move from one state to another because of business taxes, incentives, or opportunities. In this post, we will discuss five things you probably didn’t know about corporate movers.

Corporate Movers Can’t Read Your Mind

You may assume that because an employer selects one vendor over another, it’s previously demonstrated its value to the business. However, the moving company can’t intuit your needs. Discuss these needs because it is an important decision considering the move is yours to make.

Company movers want to simplify all of the tasks associated with your move. Certainly, there’s no need for you to lift heavy objects on moving days. Pre-plan the move. It’s always a good idea to identify delicate and breakable items beforehand. If items need to be disassembled before they’re packed, let the moving company know ahead of time.

Ask About Your Moving Company’s License and Insurance

Your moving company should always be properly licensed and insured:

  • Plan ahead. If you live in an apartment building, or you’re moving from one office space to another, you may need to ask the mover to share its insurance certificate with building management. Don’t leave this question until the last minute. Contact your building at least one week ahead of time to ask whether the mover’s certificate of insurance is required.
  • Record, assess, and inventory your property. If you have a homeowner’s policy or renter’s policy, your belongings are insured while they’re within your home. These policies won’t protect your valuables in transit. Consider your mover’s transit insurance products and services.

Ask About Your Mover’s Transit Insurance

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and you might need to make a claim against your carrier’s transit insurance. It’s important to learn about how your moving company’s liability insurance works before any of your properties are loaded into the moving truck:

  • Ask the carrier about moving insurance. Selecting the right insurance protects your property and ensures sufficient coverage during the move.
  • Choose from (1) trip transit insurance to cover your property against perils e.g. disappearance, fire, or theft while in storage or transit at full or excess value, (2) special period’s coverage, for everything but the most fragile items, and (3) floater coverage to protect high-value possessions, e.g. jewelry, fine art, china, etc.
  • If you’re planning to ship a car, truck, or boat, you need to ask for the carrier’s insurance certificate and check with your insurer about coverage limits as well.
  • If you plan to temporarily or permanently store some of your possessions before or after the moving company arrives, ask questions about coverage now.
  • If this is an interstate move, your moving company must have a U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) number. Check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database to learn if your interstate mover is properly registered.

Mover’s Protections Aren’t Technically Insurance

Professional movers typically offer liability coverage for breakage or damage to your property. It’s not technically covered by your state’s insurance laws. However, federal laws require all interstate moving businesses to offer (1) full value and (2) released value protection options.

Many movers offer these options for shorter intrastate moves, too. Ask your moving company to provide their written policy terms if your employer hasn’t already done so.

Full value protection makes the mover liable for your belongings’ replacement value. If any of your possessions are damaged, lost, or destroyed in transit, the company will replace or repair these items or offer a cash settlement for the item’s current market value or cost to repair it. Liability coverage differs between moving companies, and you may elect the deductible costs to lessen or increase the cost of coverage. Full liability coverage is often the default coverage.

Ask Lots of Questions

Your moving needs should align with your mover’s abilities to satisfy them. Ask questions at the start. If you’re moving the contents of a four-bedroom house, your ideal mover doesn’t focus on mini-moves.

Consider your needs and ask questions about (1) the mover’s truck size, (2) packing supplies (e.g. garment boxes, moving blankets, and other protective gear), and (3) time window (does the mover guarantee your pickup and delivery date).

The moving industry is fiercely competitive. If your employer or your business must move from one location to another, choose a reliable and safe corporate mover at the start. Once you choose a great moving partner, do your part to ensure the best possible results and satisfaction.

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