man is installing the door with a spray foam
  • 5 Different Kinds of Foam and How to Use Them

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Featured Image Caption: Man is Installing the Door with a Spray Foam

Foam is used in everything from residential homes to commercial businesses and industrial work sites. It might surprise you, however, to learn that there are many different types used for a wide variety of purposes — the versatility of foam and it’s many types is truly amazing. Here are just five common kinds of foam and where you’re likely to encounter them.

Quick Dry Foam

Also called “easy dry” or “dry fast foam,” this is an open-cell foam that’s used primarily in outdoor settings. Like its name suggests, it’s quick to settle, and its nonabsorbent material is partially waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew. It’s great for things like boats and garden furniture, and it’s also frequently used as a filler for products that are often in contact with water.

Due to quick dry foam’s antimicrobial properties, it is an ideal option for environments in which bacteria growth is common — these include areas that are dark, wet, and damp.

Closed-Cell Foam

You’re probably familiar with closed-cell foam. It’s the kind of foam that you see in pool toys, case inserts, exercise mats, and box and package linings. In addition to being a tough, durable material that can withstand heavy impacts, it’s also waterproof and chemical resistant, and it’s great for thermal insulation. Another place that you’ll often see it is hot tub covers thanks to its water-resistant nature.

One can also find closed-cell foam in a variety of construction applications, but it is especially popular for insulation due to its ability to provide a steady structure for new home construction or home remodeling projects.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is an open-cell foam that is sometimes called the original version or the “granddaddy” of other foam products. It can be used both residentially and commercially, and it’s often available in multiple forms. If you’re in roofing, for example, you’re most likely to see it as a commercial polyurethane spray foam. If you’re in shipping, you’re most likely to see it as solid packing foam.

You may also find polyurethane foam in a range of other settings — even carpet companies can use this versatile foam as a durable and comfortable carpet underlay.

Charcoal Foam

Named for its dark color, charcoal foam is a very multipurpose foam. It’s lightweight, good at absorbing impact, and easily cut into different shapes and sizes, including ones that require precision. You can use it for everything from lining a camera case to soundproofing a music studio. Its blend of flexibility and durability makes it suitable for all kinds of residential, retail, and commercial applications.

Charcoal foam is a great choice for this in commercial and industrial fields thanks to its low price and the ease at which one can cut it into desired sizes. These two properties allow business owners to purchase charcoal foam in bulk at an unbeatable price.

Mattress Foam

Mattress foam is more of a category than a specific type of foam, but you’ve probably seen it more than any other kind. Memory foam is famous for its soft, giving surface and ergonomic properties. Latex foam is common as a mid- or lower-level mattress layer. High resilience (HR) foam is very bouncy and often used as a component of high-end mattresses. In addition to mattresses, these types of foam are common in seats, sofas, cushions, benches, and kneeling pads.

The world of foam is bigger than you might think. These are just five common types, but with enough research, you will find many more types. These incredible overlooked pieces of technology can be found in homes, offices, warehouses, construction sites, and more.

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