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  • 5 Crucial Safety Tips for Motorcycle Pillion Riders

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Being a pillion rider on a motorcycle is an exciting experience for most of us. You get to feel an effortless journey enjoying every moment. However, safety as a priority is not the sole responsibility of the rider. The pillion rider also holds equal importance and power while ensuring safety. Therefore, the pillion rider should stay vigilant, strong and support the rider for an enjoyable and secure ride. There are several safety aspects that a motorcycle pillion rider should consider. Here are five crucial safety tips that are highly significant.

Wear protective gear:

Full protective gear is important for the rider and the pillion rider. It should include a full-face helmet to protect the head, eye, and lower part of the face, an all-weather jacket with detachable layers for different weather patterns, elbow guards, and knee guards to safeguard the hands and legs. Even a careless and low-intensity fall can cause injuries to the pillion on the knee and elbows. It is important to wear protective gear, practice and get comfortable for a long ride if you plan for one shortly. You should also ensure that the fitting is exact to benefit from the gear appropriately.

Avoid unnecessary body movements:

At the start of the ride, you will set the motorcycle to balance the weight in a certain way. The motorcycle is sensitive to such a weight distribution. If any further movement or change is made, it has to be done with caution. The rider and especially the pillion traveller have to communicate if they feel uncomfortable while riding on the seat and that they would like to adjust to settle well. Either they could slow down or completely stop the vehicle and make the necessary changes. Apart from creating an imbalance, an unnecessary movement of the pillion can also distract the rider.

Do not sleep:

Sometimes, a pillion passenger starts sleeping or dozes off during a ride. It might be due to tiredness, the boredom of doing nothing or maybe unknowingly too. However, it is extremely unsafe. It might lead to an unnecessary movement of the body, unconsciously changing the vehicle’s weight balance and distracting the rider at the same time. As a pillion, you can always concentrate on the road just as the rider stays awake and proactive.

Do not lean:

It is certainly not advisable to lean and put maximum weight on the rider while riding. The rider will not identify when you, as pillion, will lean and get back straight. It will cause an imbalance and unnecessary confusion as well. The rider will have to hold tight and exert extra pressure if you are leaning, and any further distraction could create a jerk leading to a bad fall or even an accident. It is better to hold on to the rail to get support during such critical situations. You can also hold around the waist of the rider in such cases. If you hold on to the shoulders, it might restrict the free body movement of the rider, causing discomfort.

Do not distract the rider:

It is one of the most crucial tips. Commonly, you get excited about the beautiful nature or any other occasion happening on the road. There is also the possibility of recognizing an old friend surprisingly. However, if you happen to draw the rider’s attention to the exciting aspects of the road, they will lose concentration creating an imbalance on the motorcycle. Therefore, you as a pillion rider must stay calm and let the rider focus on the road while riding.

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We have seen some of the most important safety tips that a pillion rider should follow. It might seem simple. However, the impact it has on the safety of the rider and the whole journey is significant. Also, purchasing two-wheeler insurance is as vital as your protective gear. It will reduce the financial burden associated with an unexpected accident.

To sum up, safety while driving is a shared responsibility between the rider and the pillion rider. Stay motivated, concentrate and be accountable!

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