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  • Specialist Sack Trucks: When A Standard Sack Truck Isn’t Right For The Job

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Sack trucks are super-common; you can find them everywhere from delivery trucks to warehousing, manufacturing, landscaping and catering sites. The classic design can be a real workhorse, allowing personnel to move heavy or unwieldy loads with a minimum of manual handling issues.

Less common, however, are specialist sack trucks. Just as useful, these models are built to move specific shapes, sizes, or types of items, and there are many options. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular specialist sack trucks available today.


Essential for sites with steps, stairs or kerbs, these sack trucks move easily up and down levels even when they are fully loaded. They function exactly as a standard model on flat terrain but, when pulled against a step or kerb, a third wheel comes into play allowing the user to continue rolling the truck. Skids on the back of the truck allow for the smooth and controlled descent of flights of stairs when the unit is tilted fully backward.

Gas-bottle trucks

Gas-bottle trucks or gas cylinder trolleys are designed around standard-sized gas bottles. The curved back of the unit holds the cylinder in place, and a chain looped around the front keeps it secure while it is in motion. These specialist trucks can be found to fit the commonly used cylinder sizes and types, including double models that hold both oxygen and propane or oxygen and acetylene simultaneously — great for welders. Safety is always of paramount importance when working with gas cylinders and these specialised trucks ensure you can transport your heavy gas bottles safely and securely.

Drum transporters

Full oil drums can be very heavy, cumbersome and difficult to move or manoeuvre precisely. Specialist drum transporter trucks and trolleys are a simple and effective solution — they let you move full drums with an absolute minimum of manual handling difficulties. More advanced models include tilting devices to allow you to empty the drum while it’s still in the truck.

Folding sack trucks

Perfect for delivery drivers, these trucks fold up into the smallest possible footprint, letting you load more cargo onto your vehicles. When they’re needed, the platforms quickly and easily unfold and arms are telescopic to give the truck the same functionality as a standard sack truck. Manual handling strains and injuries are one of the most common workplace health and safety risks — providing personnel that lift and move goods regularly with the right equipment will help to reduce workplace injuries.

White goods trucks

Designed for the safe, easy movement of large home appliances like fridge/freezers and washing, these trucks are specially designed to avoid marking or damaging appliances. White goods sack trucks will typically have an increased weight capacity (up to 250kg or 300kg), oversized pneumatic wheels and protective coverings on the load-facing surfaces to reduce the risk of damaging the item. Anyone who has worked with large appliances knows how easy it is to mark or dent them, but by using a specialist white goods sack truck you can greatly reduce the chances of damaging your stock.

As with any sack truck, the object of these specialist trucks is to allow personnel to move items without damaging the load or injuring themselves. If you frequently need to move items of a particular shape or size, check to see if there is a specialist truck available to help.

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