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  • 5 Practical Tips For Staying Productive While Working From Home

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The worldwide lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled millions of workers to work from home. Many suddenly found themselves having to make significant adjustments during these turbulent times, and among the biggest struggles is juggling family and company priorities.

How do you turn remote work into a positive and productive experience while also seeing to it that you put your wellness first? It will require a lot of time and patience to cope with the new challenges. Practicing healthy habits is a good start as you work your way towards finding the right balance between your personal space and your professional working environment at home.

Here are some tips to help you avoid distractions and stay motivated while working at home. There are many creative and simple ways to keep burnout at bay and still feel your best while adjusting to your new situation.

1. Have Your Dedicated Workspace

Not everyone can have a formal office at home, but it’s still better to set boundaries and separate the places where you work, eat, and unwind. It can be as simple as organizing a desk and chair set up in a room away from the rest of the family and making it off-limits so you won’t get disturbed or distracted.

Having a separate workspace is essential to keeping your regular work routine and boosting your productivity. Try your best to design your workday around the spaces in your home that allow you to get your work done most efficiently.

2. Get Up and Get Moving

Looking after yourself while working from home means you have to make that conscious effort to keep yourself healthy and moving. Fresh air does wonders for your mind and body, so make sure to get up and get some fresh air from time to time—even if it’s just a 10- or 20-minute stroll around the block.

Start right by maintaining a morning routine that includes working out at home. Check out a wide array of at-home workouts that fit your lifestyle. From relaxing yoga to intense strength and HIIT classes, many exercise tutorials available online can give you a chance to reset while staying fit.

3. Take Breathers

Stress and fatigue make it hard to focus on work. It’s easy to get lost in all your tasks, so plan to take more physical breaks and get up, stretch, and move around. Step away from the computer to take your normal coffee and lunch breaks. Make time to rest and relax and block about 10 to 15 minutes for some downtime each workday.

4. Create a Schedule and Manage Your Time

Keep things organized by scheduling your day. The new normal makes it more difficult to stick to a schedule because there will always be surprises, challenges, and something you cannot predict. Adjust your plan as necessary but maintain a list of things you need to prioritize and accomplish. Map out your day according to your short- and long-term goals.

The ability to multi-task is pretty impressive, but it can impede productivity in a work-from-home scenario. Instead of multi-tasking, use time blocks to manage your tasks better. Determine the specific times of the day when you are most productive, and designate these hours for focused work. This way, you can meet deadlines, maximize your time, and focus on one task to the other.

5. Stay Connected and Socialize

Loneliness and isolation are two of the biggest challenges that most remote workers struggle with. Each of us can ease the burden by taking small steps to maintain and strengthen our relationships, both personally and professionally.

You may not be able to have those casual interactions with people in the office, but you can still try to check-in and stay in touch with your teammates in ways you feel comfortable. Setting up virtual coffee breaks, for example, will help you maintain work friendships and collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues.

Social distancing may be keeping us apart physically, but that does not mean we should neglect socializing at home. Make time for friends and family to help ease the stress of the workload and keep your balance. Block off time to chat with family during your breaks, or reach out to your friends by text, video, or phone call. Don’t think twice about interacting and engaging with others in the safest ways possible to keep you inspired and happy.

6. Working from Home Need Not to be a Struggle

No matter how overwhelming it may seem, achieving a healthy balance while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic is still possible. It’s all about keeping the right mindsets, perspectives, and attitudes. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make healthy choices about what works best for you. Build up strength and resilience by focusing on the things you can control. This way, you’ll be able to find and maximize the opportunities in every work difficulty.

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