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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Facial Hair Restoration

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Facial hair is becoming popular every day, and many men go for denser beards now than before. As much as the long beard is trending nowadays, and many men don’t want to go for a clean shave, women have also contributed to this trend. How? Well, many studies and surveys did show that most women prefer to date men with long beards. Since facial hair (including beards, mustaches, and sideburns) is the in-thing for men nowadays, many of them try to find ways to keep them growing even though not all men grow facial hair.

Unscrupulous businessmen are claiming to offer medication to grow facial hair. Which is all a lie since, currently, there are no scientifically tested and proven medications that can cause hair to grow. Some of these medications have not undergone clinical trials to confirm their effectiveness and whether they have any side effects that can cause grievous injuries to body tissue. The good news is that men can still grow facial hair even if they grow them naturally.

The known medical procedure that has been proven to work permanently with no side effects is facial hair transplant. If you can’t grow facial hair naturally, this medical technique offers the best way to grow a beard and other facial hair. If you are the type that doesn’t need to shaving blade to have a clean shave but still want to grow some facial hair, here are several factors that you need to consider:

Is a Facial Hair Transplant Necessary

Depending on how much you want to fit in and how much you have in your pockets, getting a facial hair transplant is not such a bad idea. Many celebrities such as Mel Gibson have done it, and they look pretty natural to me. If you are doing it to increase hair thickness or you want to start growing facial hair, the first thing you need to do is seek advice from a dermatologist who is a specialist doctor. He or she will tell you whether you are eligible for the facial hair transplant and everything else necessary for the facial hair transplant. Consulting a specialist surgeon who can perform this minor surgery procedure also helps to understand the long term effects of having facial hair restoration surgery.

To help you make up your mind on whether or not to have a facial hair transplant, check out these benefits that you stand to gain from a facial hair transplant:

Surveys and studies show that many women seem to prefer dating bearded men. Those who were asked said that they find men with beards attractive. Here are other reasons why women prefer men with beards.

Men with beards are viewed by women as strong and free-willed and always ready to make quick and wise decisions. Beard also makes men appear responsible when it comes to providing security.

Women also view bearded men as intelligent and wise. Although Einstein and Hemingway were intelligent, there is no scientific proof to back this perception.

Women seem to be the drive behind many men growing bushy beards. Women also see men with a beard as edgy and sensitive. Want to look tough and caring at the same time? Growing a beard will help you with that.

How much does a facial hair transplant cost?

Before opting for a facial hair transplant, you need to understand that it is not a cheap hair restoration procedure. A person requires a significant amount of money to afford this minor procedure. And if you are thinking of benefiting from your health insurance plan, think again as this procedure is seen as cosmetic and not health. However, it is not as expensive as other aesthetic procedures. On average, the price of getting a quality facial hair transplant cost ranges between $5,000 and $15,000 if.

A clinic that goes below this range will not give you quality services. On the other hand, a clinic that goes beyond this price quote then it’s an overcharge. Besides choosing the right clinic, you also need to pick the right doctor. If you choose a surgeon who doesn’t have enough experience in hair transplantation, you may end up having grievous side effects and other complications that are life-threatening. Before choosing a particular clinic or doctor, you need to do proper research first.

Expectations After the Facial Hair Transplant Surgery

When the anesthesia wears off, the patient will feel some pain. For this reason, the doctor needs to prescribe pain medication for him. This will help the patient relieve some of the pain. Antibiotics are also needed to keep away infections. Since there are no side effects, the recovery process will go on smoothly for a few weeks, and the patient will start growing a new beard after a few months.


As you’ve read, a lot goes into having facial hair restoration. This is a permanent way of getting facial hair even though the cost of the surgery is on the higher end. If the surgery is performed by a reputable specialist, there won’t be any risks, complications, or side effects. Therefore, do research first before settling for a doctor or a clinic.

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