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  • Smart Graft Technology: Hair Transplant Without Linear Scars

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When hair stops growing on your scalp, it can be devastating since hair complements your facial beauty. What makes it even worse is when hair thinning takes place, leaving patches with no hair on your scalp. Although hair loss affects both women and men, it can be devastating for women because most of them keep long hair, which complements their natural beauty. If you notice that you have started losing hair, you need to consult your doctor, who will carry out a few tests to know the hair loss cause.

Many hair loss treatments are available today that offer reliable results. One of these techniques that uses state of the art technology to harvest hair grafts is SmartGraft® best hair transplant procedure. This new hair restoration technique makes it easier for doctors to transplant hair without leaving a linear scar. It is a minimally invasive treatment that guarantees permanent thick hair growth in just one year. In this article, we will look at how this method works and what makes it the best hair transplant treatment so far.

What is SmartGraft Treatment for Hair Transplantation?

An award-winning hair restoration technique, SmartGraft offers an exciting breakthrough for doctors and specialists who provide hair restoration services. It is a hair transplant procedure that was introduced just the other day. It works well for both men and women who are suffering from hair loss. SmartGraft’s best hair transplant technique promotes new hair growth by restoring thinning spots on the patient’s scalp using his or her hair micro-transplant. This way, the patient will undergo less downtime compared to other methods. Plus, the results will be permanent with a more natural look.

How Does SmartGraft Hair Transplant Work?

The first thing you need to know about SmartGraft is that it is an FUE hair transplant treatment. In full, FUE means follicular unit extraction. In this procedure, groups of hair follicles are isolated and harvested. The hair which is to be used as grafts need to come from a healthy area of the scalp where thick hair grows. Most of the time, doctors performing this procedure will harvest hair from the back of the head. This is because hair from the back of the head is resistant to hair loss.

Micro-grafts are the groups of follicular units. When the doctor is done harvesting the hair grafts, he stores them in a controlled environment. The SmartGraft device has a storage unit that keeps the grafts in a conducive environment until they are ready to be implanted. Placing the hair grafts at the right hair flow angle will give the patient a more natural look.

This best hair transplant procedure leaves no linear scars since micro-grafts are used. The recovery time is also shorter than other hair transplant methods, such as follicular unit transplantation.

What the patient needs to do before the SmartGraft procedure

– Consultation

Before having a SmartGraft FUE hair transplant, doctors from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration will consult with the patient at least twice. During the first visit, the patient will talk to the doctor about his or her medical history, including the scalp and hair health. The doctor will also carry out a few tests to establish whether the patient is the right candidate for the SmartGraft hair transplant treatment.

The doctor will tell the patient what he or she should expect from the treatment and other important facts about the procedure, such as preparation. That is, if the patient is eligible for the procedure. The doctor will ask the patient to wear comfortable clothes on the day of the procedure. If the patient is okay with it, he can also bring music to listen to while the doctor performs the treatment.

– On the Procedure Day

The next consultation is on the day of the procedure. This time, the doctor will tell the patient what to expect during and after the procedure. The patient needs to understand everything before the treatment commences.

Step 1

The first thing that the doctor will do is shave and clean the donor and the recipient areas. The donor area shouldn’t be completely shaved. It just needs to have short hair that makes it easy to manipulate the micro-grafts.

Step 2

The next step is to numb the donor site with a local anesthetic.

Step 3

The SmartGraft device harvests the hair grafts from the donor area.

Step 4

Local anesthesia is then injected into the receiving area to numb it so that the patient won’t feel any pain.

Step 5

Since the implantation area will receive hair from the donor site, the doctor will create small holes to place the micrografts.

Step 6

The surgeon will then implant the micro-grafts into the openings made. The number of grafts will determine how long the procedure will take.

After the Procedure

When the doctor from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is done with the treatment, he will instruct the patient on how to take care of the scalp. He will explain what hair products to avoid or use and whether the patient will need any drugs. Depending on how the patient heals, he or she can go back to work a day or two after the procedure. The procedure results will be seen a year later, where healthy hair will grow where there was hair loss.


That’s how the SmartGraft hair transplant procedure is done if you were curious to know about this method of hair restoration. Many people have benefited from the SmartGraft method and are now enjoying full hair on the scalp where it once suffered hair loss. Remember to consult your doctor first before the treatment to see if you are eligible for this technique of hair restoration.

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