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Coming to terms with hair loss is not easy, especially if you are a woman. Hair loss denies you your facial beauty leaving you feeling depressed and out of place when you are in social places. Many who suffer from hair loss try to find ways to cover its effects. Some try out wigs and hairpieces to hide hair deficiency in balding areas of the scalp.

This should not be the case since many clinics in the US and worldwide are now offering various hair restoration techniques. Examples of reliable hair treatments include hair transplantation, scalp micro pigmentation, and PRP for hair loss. If you are suffering from any form of hair thinning, these hair loss treatments will give you the remedy you have long been searching for.

Today, we focus on Smart PRP for hair loss as a reliable procedure to treat hair loss. This is one of the latest technologies in the hair restoration medical field. We call it PRP for hair loss because PRP is also used in other medical fields to heal various injuries that relate to sports. Before we look at smart PRP for hair loss, let’s first define PRP and its use in other fields to treat injuries.

PRP Used in Other Medical Fields

By medical definition, PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, a portion of plasma in the blood that has a high concentration of platelets. Platelets are tiny cells found in blood. These cells contain Growth Factors that speed up the healing process whenever there is an injury in any body tissue. Platelets also help to stop bleeding when in wounds by forming a clot in the wounded area.

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For many years now, PRP treatment has been used to treat injuries that affect muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. The results produced from this treatment are quite effective. Seeing its reliable effects, doctors tried using PRP therapy to treat hair loss conditions. Let’s now take a look at How Smart PRP for hair loss works.

Smart PRP for Hair Loss Treatment

The smart PRP for treating hair loss patients works the same way as PRP in other treatments. During this therapy, the doctor will extract a blood sample from the patient and put it into a centrifuge device that spins it very fast to separate the compounds found in the blood. After some time, the blood sample will have three layers, which are three blood compounds. The three layers include:

  • The red blood cells
  • Platelet-rich plasma
  • Platelet-poor plasma

There are several bioactive molecules and Growth Factors (GFs) in plasma that contains high concentrations of platelets. These reagents help to stimulate or speed up cell migration, differentiation, proliferation, and angiogenesis. Once administered, these reactions are triggered in the local environment. PRP is a relatively new technology in the hair restoration field and requires a qualified doctor or specialist. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is the pioneer of Smart PRP for hair loss headed by Dr. John Kahen. Dr. Kahen has been in the cosmetic surgery industry for years now and has performed many hair restoration procedures, including smart PRP for hair loss. He has also mentored many doctors who stepped into these unique fields in medicine.

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How Smart PRP Works

This procedure combines two techniques of hair restoration. The first one involves removing and transplanting hair grafts. The doctor can either use FUT – follicular unit transplantation or the FUE – follicular unit extraction hair transplant procedure.

In Smart PRP for hair loss, doctors infuse a Kenalog substance, platelet-rich plasma, and A-Cell dosage. An injection of all these three substances to the scalp where hair loss has occurred will rejuvenate and promote growth in transplanted hair grafts. Once new hair starts to grow, it will look natural in every way, making this procedure one of the best hair restoration therapies in Beverly Hills Hair Restoration center. PRP also helps to strengthen and nourish the patient’s original hair.

To get many platelets in the plasma, the blood needs to be spun rapidly inside a centrifuge. Machine. If the patient doesn’t have enough platelets in the blood, the doctor will subscribe to medication to push up the platelet count levels. If the patient is planning to have the PRP therapy, the doctor will count the blood platelet levels two weeks before the treatment.

Benefits of Smart PRP for Hair Loss

  • Quick recovery
  • A more natural outcome
  • Guarantees permanent hair growth
  • Short downtime


If you are suffering from hair loss, you don’t need to give up trying to restore your hair, as there are many hair loss treatments available today for hair restoration. However, not all work for everyone. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor before opting for a smart PRP for hair loss procedure.

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