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  • Ways To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Extra Special For Her!

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Shubh Ratri is a Sanskrit word which is used to wish a person good night. Having a fight with your partner and sleeping without solving the issues is definitely not a good night, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. Long distance relationships are not easy. It takes a lot of trust and loyalty from both the partners to make a relationship worthwhile. Though both the partners cannot see each other often, cannot be together during festivals or other occasions but the love that binds them together helps in keeping the relationship alive. Even a couple who are far away, need some special things to keep the spark in the relationship on.

Here are certain things that you can do to make your long-distance relationship extra special.

  1. A message a day keeps the fights away: Texting, nowadays, has become quite affordable and a lot easier. Earlier, it used to cost some money to send a text and that too the characters used to be limited. With the advancement of technology, the cost of an internet connection has reduced, and even certain companies allow free messages too. Take advantage of technology to make your relationship more special. A good morning text would no doubt bring a smile on your partner’s face. Even if you are busy the whole day, make sure to text that to your partner so that he/she won’t think that you don’t have time for them. Don’t forget to text a good night images with love to your partner. Even if they fall asleep and you had to work for some more time, just send a goodnight text when you are going to sleep. A small gesture like this would help you in making the bonding strength.
  2. Letters: Though one can send special text messages to their partner during special occasions, nothing can beat the charm of a good handwritten letter. Writing a letter to your loved one would not only make you feel more attached but would even make your relationship full of emotions. Imagine your partner waking up to the doorbell ringing and receiving a letter from the postman. That surprised look on the face, followed by a smile and a call to you: can you imagine that feeling? That would make your partner’s day more special. Even if you are not together during your anniversary or during birthdays, these letters will make them feel that you are near them throughout the day.
  3. Special surprises: Everybody loves surprises. Especially a surprise visit to your partner who is in another town or another state. It can be a bit difficult to make this plan a bit successful, but a bit of effort would make your relationship more special. Save some money which would be enough for traveling to your partner and give him/her a grand surprise. Surprises like these make a strong emotional connection between two people. Try to make such surprise plans.
  4. A road trip: Road trips are all about traveling to beautiful places with their soul mates besides them. Watching beautiful sunrises and sunsets with your partner while traveling in an open jeep: nothing is more beautiful than this. Plan a road trip during vacations and enjoy the road trip. Camping under the sky full of stars would make you feel special. A long distance requires trust and a strong connection between the couple. In a long distance relationship, there are fewer chances to meet the partners and have a strong bond. Road trips would help you in having a deep conversation with your partner. A deep conversation can help in knowing your partner closely, and a road trip where you would get to view beautiful landscapes and natural sceneries would be the perfect way to communicate and bring out the best in each other.

These were some of the ways which would help you in making your long-distance relationship more special. A relationship can never be as straight as a line. It would have ups and downs. There would be fights, quarrels, misunderstandings, trust issues and lots more. There would even be special moments which would make you both fall in immense love. the thing that matters the most is the effort that both the partners put in order to maintain a relationship. After a fight, it is important that it should be resolved as soon as possible. One should not sleep with an empty stomach and an upset mind. Resolve the issues, remind yourself that why had you come this far, remember all those special moments of your relationship and moreover try to understand each other. Understanding each other is the basic foundation of a relationship which would make your relationship stronger. Give each other time and space. Most important, wish shubh ratri to each other before sleeping.

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