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  • How Beginners Make Eye Make-Up?

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It is no shame to admit that I am a beginner. After all, we have experienced, do not know what brush, where to use eye shadow, let alone how to match. But don’t worry.

I’ll teach you some ways today.

Step 1

First of all, start with the bottom makeup.

The bottom makeup helps to create a smooth surface for eye makeup. With good makeup, you can use eye shadow. The bottom makeup can help the eye shadow better stick to the skin. If you don’t have a bottoming makeup, Concealer or foundation will do.

Step 2

Use the basic tone.

For beginners, it is better to use 4 basic tonal daily makeup. You need a lighter light than your skin color, a mute medium tone, a 2-3 darker contour color and a mute black. You can also use other cosmetics to make a base, as long as it is light, such as foundation, concealer, etc.

Step 3

Use the necessary eye makeup brush.

You need a small eye shadow brush, a small and medium mixed brush and an eye shadow stick (optional).

Step 4

Brush the light-colored eyeshadow around the eyes with a brush. Apply a light-colored eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye to make the contour of the eye more prominent. Then you can easily match other colors in the peripheral area.

Before using any other colors, be sure to tap your brush.

Step 5

A little trick: soaked brushes are easier to color, then slide on the eyelid and then brush the inside corner of the eye (tear duct area) again. Finally, use the same color to highlight the eyebrow shape of the eyebrows.

Step 6

The following is the beginning of the use of moderate and moderate eye shadow. Brush the eye shadow over the fold of the eyelid and brush it from the outside corner.

How do you figure that the shadow you use is not too heavy? Brush your brush on the edge of your nose and brush it over to the edge of your eyes. I generally use colourpop eyeshadow, because the eye shadow color of this brand is more suitable for beginners to practice, it is easier to color, and the color types range from deep to shallow.

Step 7

Outline your eyes.

Use contour shadow to start from the outer corner of the eye and brush some eye shadow on the outer half of the eye. Please do not mix too many colors, because the tone in the middle area should always be higher than the outline.

Step 8

Now you can turn from the bottom of your eyes. Mix some moderate hues and contour shadows and brush the light shadows from the bottom eyelash line to the outer corner until it is light enough.

Step 9

In order to make the eye makeup look better, apply matte black to the eyelash line at the outer corner of the eye. This will make your eyes more beautiful.

Step 10

Of course, it’s better to roll up your eyelashes a little bit. As I said, this natural eye makeup is easy, and you can master it with a lot of practice. Once you learn, whether you wear a corset dress or a professional dress or a dress, you can easily paint a suitable eye makeup. At that time, matching colors and creating new makeup will be as simple as eating sweets!

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