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  • 7 Simple Ways To Protect Your Teeth

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Maintaining healthy gums and teeth throughout life not only keeps your smile beautiful, but it also helps in promoting oral wellness. It also reduces the risk of any periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases are those diseases that are inflammatory and start with swelling of gums. To avoid these unwanted diseases, it is essential to keep your teeth healthy and also to maintain a systematic oral hygiene routine. The starting of tooth decay starts with the erosion that takes place in the tooth enamel. It leads to holes that are known as cavities. If the flaws are left untreated, then it can lead to severe infection. These infections spread from time to time. It can even spread to the root canal, jawbone and definitely to the gums.

Here are seven simple and proven ways to protect your teeth.

Brush two times a day

Brushing your teeth twice a day removes stains and also keeps different gum diseases away. When you do not brush often, you stay at great risk of plaque build-up in your teeth. This plaque build-up can eventually lead you to Gingivitis. Gingivitis is a yellowish lining that lies on the base of a tooth. This eventually meets the gum. Bleeding gums is one of the most common symptoms that take place during the first stage of this disease. Not brushing your teeth often can also lead you to build up of bacteria in the teeth. This bacteria build-up can eventually force the unwanted bacteria to travel down into the bloodstream. This can result in a stroke or a severe heart disease.

Don’t over brush

Over brushing can eventually damage the enamel on the teeth. It can also push the gums back. Pushing off the gums can expose the root area, which is quite sensitive. Cavities on the roots and periodontal disease can occur due to the receding gums. Things, like grinding or clenching of teeth, can surely increase the damage that has previously been made through the habit of over brushing. According to the Wall Street Journal, dentist estimate that nearly 10 to 20 percent of the population have damaged their teeth or gums just because of over brushing. Keep in mind brushing vigorously is not an option for removing plaque from the teeth.

Get the healthy diet

The body of an individual is a complex machine. The health of the whole body, as well as the teeth and gums, depend a lot on the diet of an individual. A perfect diet can surely give you healthy teeth as well as a beautiful smile. Food that contains a good amount of sugar should be avoided at first. Sugar plays a significant role in the process of decaying of teeth. The most common sources of sugar diet include Cookies, chocolates, pastries, etc. The perfect diet should

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Sources of protein those are lean
  • Fat-free dairy products
  • Whole grains

Avoid bad habits

There are a lot of bad habits that can damage the teeth severely. The common bad habits are:

Biting of nails: Many people bite their nails when they are nervous, and that can certainly damage the jaw. Besides damaging jaw, it can also lead to chipping of teeth.

Grinding – This habit can lead to the cracking of teeth and also the chipping of teeth. Muscle pain or joint tenderness is the most common problem that occurs for the grinding of teeth.

Chewing ice cubes: A lot of people all across the world have a common habit of chewing ice cubes. This can damage teeth from the core of it. As ice cube and tooth enamel are crystals, they will break if they clash against each other. Most of the times, it is the ice that breaks, but sometimes the opposite also happens.

Using your teeth as a tool – Teeth are only meant for eating and chewing of food. It should not be used in place of a scissor and defiantly not to hold something when your hands are full.

Switch to sugar-free gum

Chewing up a sugar-free gum can help you to spit around 100 million bacteria. Several studies have shown that it is always beneficial to chew sugar-free gum after meals and snacks. It can rinse off and neutralize the acid released by bacteria in plaque, which are harmful to your teeth.

Sugar-free gum not only refreshed your breath but also used as an alternative way to fend off cavities. It is perfect for the gums and also for the teeth. To get more information related to switching to the sugar-free gums, you can check discover charcoal toothpaste.

Crunchy fruits and vegetables

Healthy and good diet is an important factor to avoid cavity and maintain good oral health. Crunchy fruits like apples, carrots are the best examples of crunchy fruits. These fruits are high in water and fiber. Eating an apple produces saliva in the mouth, which eventually helps in washing away food particles and bacteria from the mouth. Eating a large number of carrots produces an adequate quantity of saliva in the mouth. This saliva helps in rinsing away all the germs that cause cavities. Besides being high in fiber content, carrots are also an excellent source for getting Vitamin A.

Consult your dentists often

Consultation of a dentist should take place around two times a year. As the mouth is an essential part of the digestive system, it needs to be clean all the time. Or else the germs that cause problems like cavity and other dental problems can flow down and mix with the blood, which will lead to specific health problems. So regular dental check-up is very necessary for maintaining a healthy life.

Thus, you can quickly get to know about the most straightforward ways of maintaining your teeth. Your smile should be priceless and beautiful every time, and to ensure that, you have to follow all the steps that are mentioned above. Your smile should make you confident, and you should look presentable when you are flashing your teeth.

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